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Megan Brame - Marketing Nerd

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Hi! I’m Megan Brame...

I'm a 5x award-winning entrepreneur who spent most of her "day job" life creating marketing campaigns for luxury clients, non-profits, and tech startups. I walked away from that life to help entrepreneurs like you who want to create a business but don't know where to start!

Believe me, I know the feeling of whatever you're going through. The impatience of waiting for success, dodging the slightly-concerned questions from friends and family, wondering why "they" could do it while I couldn't.

I ended up walking away from it and finding my current path: helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses into profit-making machines that let them get away from their soul-sucking jobs and support their families and lives by doing it right the first time and avoiding the pitfalls of fear.

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Welcome! I’m a 5x award-winning Advanced Digital Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs and bloggers turn their side-hustles into full-time business empires.

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