10 Major Email Etiquette Tips For Work

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Checking, going through and sending a handful of emails every day is a common scenario at work. On an average, an US office worker now sends or receives 121 emails a day, according to a report by the Radicati Group and there are over 4.3 Billion people who use email as a form of communication. However, despite being glued to your screen and the reply button, some people still don’t know basic email etiquette at work.

Why Email Etiquette At Work is Important

Using proper email etiquette at work is essential because of professionalism and efficiency. Professionalism, even though some levels of informal language or text are now accepted at work, it is still important to remain a level of professionalism. By using proper email language, you also express a professional image. Next is efficiency, when you are sending an email it is important that it sends a clear message. By sending a clear email, you avoid miscommunication which can lead to wasted time as well as effort.

10 Major Email Etiquette At Work

If you want to improve your emails, here are ten major email etiquette you need to follow at work:
Clear Subject Line
Your subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. Clearly state what your email is about on your subject line. People often decide whether to read or not read an email depending on its subject line.
Company/Professional Email Address
Only use your company or professional email address when you’re dealing with work or business. If you’re using a personal email address, make sure that it conveys your name so that they know exactly who they’re transacting with. Never use an email address that is inappropriate for the workplace.
Proper Salutations
Avoid using colloquial expressions like “Hey guy” or “Yo.” These expressions are inappropriate and should be avoided in the workplace. Adequately address the recipient of the email. A salutation is something that sets the tone of your email thus, use proper greetings.
Proper Grammar/Spelling
When you’re sending an email, your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. However, using proper grammar and spelling makes your email more understandable and can prevent miscommunication. You also have to remember that your email represents you so use language that you’d use as you’re talking professionally in person.
Avoid Abbreviations
Some abbreviations may be accepted by a lot of people, however, in any workplace shorthand language should always be averted. Using abbreviation or words like “plz” or “ur” is not acceptable at work.
Be Mindful of Different Cultures
Different culture means a varying way of speaking and writing. Miscommunication can easily happen because of cultural differences. So if you’re unsure about something, clarify it and be aware of other people’s cultural background.
Before you send your email, double check and proofread your message to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Mistakes will probably be noticed by the recipient and depending on the receiver; you may be judged for your simple mistake.
Use fonts that can be easily read like Arial or Times New Roman. Use font size 10 to 12 point type this will make your email easy to read. Avoid using two or more fonts in your email and use only one color.
Let your recipient know about your background. Your signature should include your name, your job position, company name, email address and contact number. If you have a business, you can also add your website or link to your portfolio.
Reply all
Before hitting the “reply all” button make sure that your email is intended for all of these people. If not, just reply to your contact person. You won’t want your email seen or broadcasted to these people if it doesn’t concern them.
These are just of the major email etiquette at work you can adhere to. By following these tips, you give a sense of professionalism.

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