13 Ways to Make Money as an Entrepreneur

13 Ways to Make Money as an Entrepreneur

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What I love about money (which totally sounds like “How I spent my summer vacation…”) is that it’s infinite. Money is no longer tied to tangible things like gold. There’s way more money in the world than there is paper currency! Can you imagine if banks had to let everyone withdraw the money from their accounts into cash? They couldn’t do it!

But you’re here reading this because you need to make money. Whether it’s because you’re in a crunch and need some quick cash, or you’re looking for ways to expand your business, there are a ton of great ways to make money without worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to get it over someone else.

13 Ways to Make Money as an Entrepreneur

Let me address that quickly before we get to it. Before you decide to expand or hustle, remember that your mindset is going to be a big factor in whether or not any of these will work. If you come to this list from a place of “I’m getting mine AND yours” then just head to another blog because this won’t help you.

If, however, you come to this from a place of abundance and “there’s more than enough for all of us because money is infinite” then any one of these will bring you results quickly.

Why? Because your mind and energy will be spent creating, instead of worrying about others. Laser in your focus by understanding that any of these will make you money because money is everywhere!

Okay, onward. Let’s get to it.

How to make money:

1. Sell your time

Create a coaching program or group mastermind

2. Relaunch an old product

The good thing about having a business is that there’s already an inventory of products or services that are there for you to reinvigorate. I mean, look at Twix with their left/right marketing campaign. Did they launch anything new? Nope, same product, just with a new campaign.

3. Create a bundle

Can you create a gift set or bundle of products/services?

4. Create a masterclass

Run a 3 day class about something you know so well it’s in your bones.

5. Run a sale if you really want to

Look, I’m not going to pretend that reducing your prices isn’t something that’s out there in the world. You gotta do what you gotta do to clear space for new ideas, but I really urge you to try to find ways to add MORE money, not less for the same product.

6. Create a new product

An old favorite for a reason

7. Sell an e-book

The beauty of e-books is that they don’t need to be any length in particular. Sophia Amoruso of “Girlboss” fame sold a 30-page guide that wasn’t even text, it was like…worksheets (which you can make on Canva) for $19 and made a KILLING on it. 

8. Land a speaking gig

Teach what you know to others to raise your clout. Some might not be paying gigs at first, so consider the trade-off and if there will be a net gain for you.

9. Start a course

It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Hell, my first course “Perfect Product Copy” started as an email drip course! If you have a skill that someone else wants to learn, then find the easiest way to deliver it to them, then work up from there.

10. Update a course and resell it

How many launches have you seen from people who just update an old class and launch it again? 

11. Ask your audience what they need

Stuck for ideas? Reach out to your most loyal fans or newsletter subscribers and ask what pain points they’re dealing with that you could help solve.

12. Sell a service you do anyhow

I write about social media and content strategies all the damn time for this blog, so I went out and started offering blog posts for other sites (that pay). It’s stuff I know about already, so it doesn’t take more time than normal, and I find new ways to network and get more street cred.

13. Sell things that no longer serve you

Look around your office, home, studio, whatever. I bet there are things that could be purged from the space that you don’t use anymore. Mics from that time you wanted to start a podcast, old cameras that were upgraded, old bottles for a discontinued product, whatever! eBay is there for a reason!

You might be noticing a theme here. The underlying message is that to make more money, you need an audience to sell to. The more engaged of a following you have, the better your success rate will be for most of this. Spend time connecting with your customers to build that bond. You can comment on their social media, send them thank you notes, invite them to a 1:1 discovery call, whatever feels comfortable for you.

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