2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

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This year has gone out like a lion for sure. I went from a secure little world to having the carpet pulled from under me, only to wind up in a better place both professionally and mentally. 2018 was the year of saying “not good enough” and figuring out what I truly wanted for my professional life, then going for it.

It was also the first year where I truly felt like I was at a mentor level, which is a surreal feeling if you ever happen to get it. I pushed and coached a young woman at the shitty job I had for a month to better herself and her goals so that she would move on to better things. I didn’t meant to do it, though I’m happy I did. But it felt a little bit like an out of body experience to coach a person in the flesh and see her results. I think because of her success, it pushed me to believe in my own skills a little more and to feel like I had things to share…which led directly to my first pitch and successful win of a speaking gig at a conference.

Overall, in this, the 35th year of my life, it feels uber cliche but I’ve never felt more confident of myself as a person and as a professional marketer.

2018 Year in Review

2018 wins:

  • Meve Vintage had 1109 orders between eBay and Etsy its first year
  • Created an editorial calendar for here and Beige House
  • Landed speaking gig at Alt.

2019 Blog Goals:

  • Release resource library
  • Update posts with broken links to workbook library
  • Add entrepreneur printables to Print Shop
  • Relaunch Perfect Product Copy
  • Release the full Stop Sucking at Marketing
  • 52 posts
  • Revamp layout (the headers look weird in mobile as you might have noticed)

2019 Business Goals:

  • Move Beige House to a better ad network than Adsense
  • 1k subscribers on Beige House youtube channel
  • Complete listing of all Meve Vintage inventory (which sounds like a no-brainer, but there’s so. Much. jewelry.)
  • Work towards sunsetting Meve Vintage and focusing on Beige House
  • Sell off remaining Reserved Stock inventory.
  • Get a new desk!

What are you planning for 2019?

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