3 easy ways to have a successful holiday season

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Holiday season is the biggest stress event for me every year. Months of planning, prep, debt (let’s be real, here), and finger crossing all lead up to the 25 days in December that make or break your year. I’ve been so focused on my game plan that everything else has had to fall by the wayside (hi.). Every year I also say I’m going to get my focus on and make a plan, which is what I wanted to share with you! Even though we’re in the beginning of crunch time, it’s not too late to re-evaluate your plans and streamline your business for a successful end of 2015:

Outsource one thing

Just one! Seriously, taking one thing off of your plate that could free up even an hour a day will make your life easier. Originally I wanted to outsource two things for my business: social media and shipping. I got, let’s say, 1.5 of those two things done: I hired a social media manager but haven’t had time to train her, so we’re holding off until January. I also outsourced my shipping to ShipBob and plan to use them as a warehouse in 2016. Now all of my retail and wholesale orders can be boxed up by professionals instead of my half-assed tape job on my shipping boxes.
What one thing can you delegate that will give you time to focus on the high priority items?

Be everywhere you can

If you have your own e-commerce site then you know the power of having control over your sales. But there are things to be said for being setup on websites that have their own fanbases. If it’s in your power to handle more than one retail outlet, you should maximize your outreach to as many people as possible. Etsy, Amazon Handmade, AHA Life, and The Grommet are just a few different avenues you can use to reach a wider audience. Also, these ones don’t charge monthly fees, so minus a few cents here and there for listing fees you’re only out a small commission when things sell.

Hunker down on your budget

If you’re like me, this season can be an easy excuse to spend more on your business, in the hopes that you’ll make more. But keep a clear head when it comes to this, or your spending can spiral out of control all too easily (and suddenly, you’ve got 50lb of crinkle paper and no money to order gift boxes…know what I mean?). Keep your budget strict and your goals realistic.

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