3 easy ways to make side money when sales are slow (Updated for 2015!)

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We’ve all been there. There’s accounts that are late paying bills, or the retail sales have been low and you need some pocket money. Here are a few ways to get it! NOTE: These are definitely not going to replace your main income but if you need some cash to get subway fare or lunch for a couple of days, here are some options:

1. Surveys online. There are a couple of places to go for these: SurveySavvy, Mturk, and Pinecone Research are a few. Their payouts range from .01 – $5 depending on the work. Don’t turn your nose up at the lower paying surveys, though! There are some that are very fast and their pennies and nickels add up quickly. I like to visit Hits Worth Turking For on reddit to help me weed through.

2. SwagBucks. They’ve got a lot of different ways to earn money through them: surveys, using their web search, watching TV through them. I’ve only used the web search but I’ve heard of people that set up the TV app on a secondary phone or tablet and just let it run all day for passive income. Also if you like them on Facebook they often post bonus codes for easy points.

3. Peko! Peko is a phone-based game where users collect points by playing something like a cross between Plinko and Roulette on their phones with other players. Once you hit 100,000 points, they’ll send you $10 via PayPal (well, $9.70 after fees). It’s easy to add up the points when you’re waiting around and the games are quick. 2015 update: I’m pretty sure Peko has shut down

3. /r/beermoney and /r/workonline on reddit. These two subreddits can be goldmines when it comes to scraping together a few extra bucks here and there. /r/beermoney is for making a few extra bucks here and there, similar to a beer fund (hence the name) whereas /r/workonline is more for trying to pull at least a part time job online. Both offer numerous resources and reviews on different avenues online.

4. [BONUS] This isn’t an avenue I recommend, but I’ve done it before and I know desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve used Prosper to source business loans when I’ve had to do it, and they are exceedingly quick about getting your funds to you (usually in about 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of verification they need from you). The rates are so much better than other loans and they are much easier to get than a typical bank loan, but keep in mind that this loan usually includes automatic deductions from your account every month so if you’re able to be a responsible borrower, this is a great avenue.

Are there any other ones I should know about? Post them in the comments!

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