5 Ways to get attention to your biz for free

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It’s hard out there for a pimp…or a jeweler or a knitter. You have this amazing idea and cannot wait to get it out into the world, because everyone is going to become OBSESSED with it and you’ll finally be able to leave that day job/support your family/have time with the kids.

So you launch your product…and crickets. And heart break. Even on a site like Etsy or Amazon where people are looking to buy, there are no guarantees that your amazing new product will get any eyeballs on it today or two years from now. (Okay, maybe someone will see it by then, but can you wait that long?)

But it doesn’t have to be that way, ESPECIALLY when you’ve got the internet at your disposal (instead of cash). All it takes is a little sweat equity, and you can easily up your traffic.

But if you’re just looking to skim, here are 5 of my favorite ways:
Get traffic for free by:

Writing guest posts on a relevant blog.

What’s one of Etsy’s biggest traffic machines for sellers? Being featured on their blog. And while getting on that might equate to a shot in the dark, there are hundreds of big blogs out there that would work for your business. Write about lessons you’ve learned in your industry, easy hacks (X ways to Y in Summer), or your favorite tips.

TIP: Start with big sites, like Entrepreneur or Huffington Post and then niche down from there into small business blogs (hi!), blogs about your category (beauty, yarn, design, etc), and even other friends’ blogs if they’ve got the traffic.

Engage in live streaming.

Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube…all of these are making it easier and easier to connect with your fanbase or people that would be customers if they began to know you, like you, and trust you. Get over looking at your face and hop on to a live streaming Q & A session or offer some valuable lessons about what it’s like to run a business like yours.

Tip: Make sure to end each video with a call to action that actually drives viewers to your site. Don’t just end with “okay, bye!”

Create quick explainer videos on YouTube.

One of my first ever tutorials was how to move your Etsy listings to Shopify using an import tool. It took me about 15 minutes all in all and has been an amazing aid to showing I know how to handle the Etsy/Shopify world and has given me good karma leverage by helping other people. What’s a 15-minute thing you could do on video that would help others?

TIP: Did you do a live streaming tutorial? Upload it to YouTube for bonus traffic (and make sure to add links and social media profiles to the video notes).


Yes, like out in the world, away from the computer. Who’s usually out in the world helping others? People that have the time (or have made it a priority). Who has time? People that aren’t slaving away every moment. Can we be real here? That’s usually someone that has an okay financial life and might be an influencer. Yes, I know we should all be altruistic and volunteer solely for the good of man, but volunteering in your community may be a way to meet influencers that can help you get ahead or meet the people you need to meet. Help yourself by helping others.

Be available.

Subscribe to Help a Reporter Out, follow editors or bloggers on Twitter, and pay attention to requests for sources. Develop relationships with them to let them know you’re qualified and available to be quoted in an article or essay. Don’t wait for them to seek you out (especially if you’re in a crowded niche), go to them and be ridiculously helpful.

Amazing traffic is more than SEO and visualizing success. It’s about being anywhere your customers are and making it so easy to find you that they wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. You’ve got to take the time and the initiative to get out there because waiting for them to come to you won’t work.

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