Hey, I'm Megan!

I’m best known for being a huge marketing nerd.

I first cut my chops running a successful skincare and home fragrance company, MSC Skin Care + Home (you may have also once known it as Metropolis Soap Co.), where I saw my work win industry awards, be featured in over 100 publications, and earn me a comfortable income.

But around Year 8, I burned out because I wouldn’t give up control of ANYTHING.

  • The packaging? I did
  • The bookkeeping? Yup, me.
  • The product-filling person? You’re looking at her.

After a while, it just got to be too much, so I walked away. When I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I ended up getting a few corporate gigs where I was the Director of Marketing, building marketing departments from scratch, and getting into fights with sales departments over being authentic vs. shitty tactics to drive sales. In the end, I struck out on my own to find something better.

And now?

Now I’m here doing what I truly love: helping entrepreneurs like you! Marketing can get really overwhelming quickly, especially when you’re not used to it. That’s where I come in: to help you create ride-or-die fans for life through organic marketing tactics and 1:1 coaching help.

You might've seen me in...

What can you do for me?

Oh man, GLAD YOU ASKED! I’m here to help guide you through:

  • Social media marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Learning how to give up control (AKA Learning from my mistakes)
  • Embracing better automation that ensures you don’t lose your soul

and so much more.

Where should I get started?

Check out the blog to learn all you can about effective marketing through organic reach (advertising is something I cover with my coaching clients since it gets so finicky). You can also take my quiz and learn how you can use both your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage (once you know what they are).

Better Biz School is my hub for all of my downloads and classes, but when you’re ready for some bespoke help, we can definitely work together.

Until then, keep your head on your own paper, and don’t try to compare your business to someone else’s. Yours is awesome as is and is about to ROCK.

Organic marketing strategy for multi-passioned creatives