Am I learning or just whining?

Megan Brame Advanced Digital Marketing Strategist

I have a notebook that I try to carry around with me, but usually gets forgotten at my studio or at home. But the few times I actually remember to bring it, I like to jot down ideas for articles here. In my daily life, I’m constantly bombarded with life lessons; some are great things but some are probably the reason those cat in a tree with the phrase “hang on!” posters have been created.
So I’ll often write down things that are happening in my life, but rather than run here to write about it, I take some time to think about what I want to say about it. And I put it to the test of:
Am I learning something from this that I can share…or am I just whining?
As you can tell by the fact that there aren’t 56 articles written here daily, most of them do not pass the test and just involve me whining. When I learn something new about my life or business, I like to share it. But I think there’s probably enough whining in the world that I don’t need to add mine.
There are about 5 good articles I’ve got in the pipeline so stay tuned.

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