Basic Podcast Equipment for Beginners

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Launching a podcast is pretty straightforward, in our recent post – “How To Start A Podcast,” we’ve talked about the basic things you need to know when starting a podcast. So, now that we’re settled with the basics, we’re going to share with you the basic podcast equipment for beginners.

Getting the Basic Podcast Equipment

Probably one of the questions you have right now is. “Do I have to spend a lot on equipment?” The answer actually depends on you, so it’s kind of a yes and no. Yes, if you’re planning to take this whole podcasting as a career or a regular thing you’d like to do. And also, no if you’re just doing it as a hobby or you’re just starting out. I mean you can still splurge on buying a couple of equipment but, there are also cheaper but good alternatives you can find on the market.

The Complete Basic Podcast Equipment for Beginners

Finding the right equipment for your podcast can make a big difference, better quality regarding content and audio (along with the technical part) usually leads to more listeners/viewership. So, here are some of the tools that podcasters recommend for beginners:
A microphone is one of the tools you may want to spend a little more. Since you mainly rely on audio for sharing your content, you really have to make sure that you use a high-quality microphone. Audio Technica ATR-2100-USB is on top of the best beginner to professional podcaster’s choice of microphone, same with the Blue Yeti USB Microphones.
As for your headset or headphones, you don’t have to buy those top of the lines. What you need is to find something that does the job, like the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Headset. You have to hear what’s going on especially if you’re doing interviews. Also avoid those headset/microphone combo since their sound quality is, if not most of the time; they’re usually poor.
Recording/Editing Software
One of the go-to and most popular basic podcast equipment for beginners, as well as professionals,  is Audacity.  It’s free and is both compatible with Mac and Windows. Don’t get fooled by the price. Audacity is one of the best quality recording/editing software out there. And if you’re a Mac user, you can also use the pre-installed Garage Band.
Digital Recorder
A digital recorder is not a requirement, but if you have some extra budget, it’s good to invest in a digital recorder. As a podcaster, there are a lot of technical problems you’ll probably encounter – your computer will crash, your mic won’t work, etc., If you have a digital recorder, it will serve as your most reliable backup. To ensure the best quality for interviews, a digital recorder will also come in handy.
Now that you have an idea which tool to use, you can go ahead and buy these essential items. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to start your podcast, you can start with the purchase of a good microphone and then go from there.


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