Beginners SEO Guide: 5 Useful Sites

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Whether you’re a small business owner or someone working in marketing you’ve probably heard about SEO over a thousand, maybe gazillion times. But what exactly is SEO and why is it important? SEO, especially for beginners may be confusing and quite overwhelming.

Beginners SEO Guide: Websites To Check

According to RedEvolution, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.

Now, I can tell you what I know about SEO but, there are far better thought leaders out there who know the ins and outs of it; and of course, we only want the best for you. You might be asking, “Where can I learn more about it?”. Say no more, today we round up the best five beginners SEO guide websites that will give you the most comprehensive information and know-how about SEO.

1. Moz
A software as a service (SaaS) company started in 2004 as an SEO consulting agency, founded by Rand Fishkin and his mother, Gillian Muessig. They offer various free tools for link building, analysis, keyword research, and a lot more. Since they started, they’ve also built a community with more than one million (yes, that’s a million people all over the world) globally based digital marketers! See their beginner’s SEO guide here. You can also check out Moz Academy for more lessons about SEO, Inbound Marketing, and a whole lot more.

2. Kissmetrics
Founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah, Kissmetrics is a customer analytics platform based out of San Francisco, California. They provide visualization tools on how users interact with their websites, web apps, and mobile products. You can head over to their blog for more resources about analytics, marketing, and testing. See Kissmetrics’ beginners SEO guide – SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners.

3. Backlinko
Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean, an internationally recognized entrepreneur, and SEO expert. He specializes in providing marketing professionals and entrepreneurs with practical strategies that they can use to get more search engine traffic. Make sure to read their blog for the latest tips/tricks and tools for SEO. Brian also has a YouTube channel with excellent actionable SEO along with strategies that can help you build and develop your business.

4. Search Engine Journal
Launched in 2003, SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content.

Real online marketing experts wrote almost all of their contributed articles – Joe Howard, Gillon Hunter, Larry Kim to name a few, whether independently or their own powerhouse authors. Expect the newest trends, news, strategies, and even personalities from the field on their website. SEJ also provides a lot of free content that can help you improve and further your knowledge about SEO.

5. WPBeginner
This one’s particularly useful to people who are using Wordpress and SEO plugins. WPBeginner’s story started way back in 2006 when founder Syed Balkhi was looking for a blogging platform and stumbled on Wordpress. During that time, almost all the WordPress tutorials were written by developers (which may be a bit intimidating if you don’t know the technical terms and just starting out). Syed wanted a WordPress resource site suited for beginners and DIY users, so he launched the site in 2009. As a start, you can check out their Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step).
Do you have any website or resources you want to share? Leave a comment down below :)

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