Being "that guy"

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Things that make my uncomfortable:
– PDAs
– Talking about myself/my products at shows
– Being “that guy”
“That guy” at the moment, is sort of related to the second thing that makes me uncomfortable. I had to write a somewhat stern email to a show promoter recently demanding (in the nicest way possible) to be given a payment deadline for a show that another vendor was given. I didn’t want to do it, and I’m afraid that I’ve burned a bridge with them, but damnit April has been a slow month for income. I’m also somewhat nonconfrontational so I’m afraid of reading their reply, but so be it. Maybe they’ll tell me to go fuck myself and give my space to another vendor, maybe they’ll change my payment deadline…we’ll see.
The reason for this post? A)That image is awesome and B) to remind myself that I’m starting to come out of my shell and stand up for my company. Metropolis may not be a big deal yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t demand equal opportunities for it.
I go, girl.
(Sorry, that was lame)

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