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Being an entrepreneur in this digital world, you probably know how important SEO is. The earlier you get to understand how SEO work, the more you can customize your marketing strategy. In our post, “What Is SEO?” we discussed the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Now, in this article, we’ll share with you the best SEO tools for entrepreneurs.

Why Use SEO Tools?

You might think, “I already have a strategy in place, why the need for tools?” Well, these SEO tools, though not guaranteed to get on the first page right away, will help you (along with your strategy) reach your goals. Whether it’s to increase your website’s overall SEO or eventually get your site to the page one search results. These tools can provide you automation, analytics, organization and even save you some time depending on which feature you need.

The Best SEO Tools for Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of tools out there you can use so we’ve rounded up some of the best SEO tools for Entrepreneurs – free/paid used by the best in industry. Let’s start!
Google Search Console
Formerly, “Google Webmaster Tools”; Google Search Console is one free tool you should be using. This free SEO tool gives you an overview of the health of your website especially the technical side. In an article from Search Engine Land, they mentioned how “Google Search Console allows you to not only diagnose the problems on your site but also to report the actions you have taken to solve some of those problems directly to Google so there is a clearer understanding between you two.”
One of my favorite, Ubersuggest (recently acquired by Neil Patel) is a free keyword research tool. Enter a keyword and choose which site you the keyword suggestion for – web, YouTube, Images, Shopping, and News. Ubersuggest lets you choose the language/location per keyword suggestion.
If you want to learn more about your competitor’s site and how you measure up to them, SEMRush provides a variety of data that you can use to improve your strategy. All you have to do is enter a URL of your website or another website and hit search. SEMRush is one of the current best SEO tools out there that provides comprehensive data about a website.
A free browser plugin, SEOQuake provides key SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEObar, dashboard, SERP overlay, keyword analysis, and a lot more. SEOQuake is a useful tool for browsing your website. It gives you an idea of what you can improve and what you’re doing right.
If you’re using Wordpress, webtexttool will be your new best friend. An editing tool designed to help you optimize your content, webtexttool is like a supercharged Yoast plugin. Described as “the easiest way to make your website content SEO proof, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website”. webtexttool can help entrepreneurs and people alike create great content. This plugin also provides real-time keyword suggestions for your post.
Now, this is not exactly an SEO Tool per se, but, it’s handy when you email your potential clients or current clients. With emails, not only content is important but it has to get your attention too – whether it’s in the form of visuals or email signature. This is where WiseStamp comes in,  it’s a tool used for creating email signatures that will not only dazzle your recipients but also lure them to your websites and recent work.
Are you using any of these tools already? If you haven’t tried any of these tools, give them a run and tell us what you think! You can also check out Appsumo’s page for courses/articles that will help you be a better entrepreneur.

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Michelle Grasek August 15, 2017 - 2:30 pm

I also really like Moz Open Site Explorer and Keyword Explorers to help guide my SEO efforts. Thanks for the list, looking forward to trying a few of these!

Megan August 15, 2017 - 3:45 pm

Thanks, for the recs, Michelle! I’ll definitely check those out (I’m such an SEO nerd)


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