How to get the most out of Shopify apps

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It’s no secret that I’ve loved Shopify since I moved my old business over to it from WooCommerce (and before that, BigCommerce). I think that a lot of people are intimidated by Shopify because it’s a little spendy (compared to Etsy) and it’s ridiculously customizable thanks to their app library.

My recommendations for Shopify apps (that are free):

  • Use a pop-up incentive to get on your mailing list – Look, I know some people are anti-pop-up. I get it. But you can stomp your feet all you want, pop-ups still convert like crazy. I used MailMunch and had 0 issues with them. I don’t recommend using a discount as your lead magnet/opt-in goodie because it sets a bad precedent and automatically devalues your product. If you need ideas, I’ve got 52 different things to offer that aren’t discounts.
  • Add little tweaks that enhance the experience – Case in point: Receiptful. It’s just a little thing that makes prettier receipts for orders that is totally customizable and offers customers the opportunity to leave feedback on their transaction. Brainstorm other Shopify apps that might make your customer experiences feel a little extraordinary…some recs? Loyalty Points and Help Center are also great for an enhanced user experience.
  • Reviews should be mandatory – I wish Shopify had reviews as defaults, but they don’t. The good news is that there’s a free app that offers your customers the ability to leave product reviews. It might make you nervous, but think about Amazon…how often do you buy something there that has 0 reviews? Offering reviews on your site will enhance social proof and increase sales.
  • Add a blogShopify now partners with Wordpress which is AMAZING. I always felt their integrated blog was lacking and janky. If you do a standalone blog, you can host it for cheap via GreenGeeks and integrate Shopify buy buttons that link back to your shop. Like I’ve said before, you DEFINITELY need a blog to beat your competitors and now it’s sofa king easy.

What are your favorite Shopify apps? Leave them in the comments below!

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