The best social media apps for your small biz

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I feel like there are about a million apps out there now to help you with your social media. Full disclosure: I think I’ve tried half of them. So instead of making you wade through the insanity of a Google search, I wanted to give you my picks for the best social media apps for small businesses.

I call this a semi-complete list because it will continue to update as I try new things. Some of these links are affiliate links but don’t increase the price for you but help keep this site running.

My Semi-Complete List of the Best Social Media Apps


Buffer – I use this mainly for Quuu.

PROS: Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Simple and clean way to plan your posts. Also has a Pinterest scheduling tool.

CONS: Took away my favorite part, the suggested content. Free version only allows 1 account per platform, so if you run multiple accounts you’ll need to pay.

Hootsuite – I’ve used hootsuite for nearly a decade now and it just feels like home to me. Before Grum, I used it to help me schedule my Instagram posts.

PROS: Offers curated content in scheduler, free version is robust, easy to keep track of mentions and lists

CONS: Can’t use scheduler for more than 1 account. It’s not the prettiest app to look at.

Quuu – LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’ve used both sides of Quuu. One side promotes your content (for a price, the max being $25), the other pushes curated content directly to your Buffer account.

PROS: Curated content directly to your social media accounts without you having to think about it

CONS: Bugged out on me once or twice. Support is a little wonky.

Social Jukebox – no review, I don’t use (leave a comment and tell me yours!)


Boardbooster – I brought Dennis, CEO of Boardbooster on my podcast because I love this app so much. It does amazing things when it comes to scheduling and looping pins.

PROS: Allows you to automate Pinterest, great for group boards, cool dudes when it comes to slipping up on going over your quota once in awhile

CONS: Not really the most professional looking site, especially if you’re a dude…but if that’s my biggest complaint, then you gotta believe it’s pretty amazing.

Viralwoot – no review, I don’t use (leave a comment and tell me yours!)
Tailwind – no review, I don’t use (leave a comment and tell me yours!)


This is a category I am SO pumped about, because there’s a whole new crop of the best social media apps that are going to completely automate your Instagram outreach. For so long, Instagram was a jerk when it came to automation, and the best you could do was to have Hootsuite or your phone send you a reminder of when to post. Now there are social media apps that are popping up that let you completely automate your posting schedule.
Grum – I use this, and I want its babies.

PROS: Completely automates my Instagram posting INCLUDING my 1st comment, which I add hashtags to

CONS: They just said they’ve rolled out updates, so maybe this will go away, but bulk uploading images and text is a little cumbersome. I’d love some drag and drop features and stats.

Hopper – Don’t use this so I can’t say. They reached out to me the day after I got Grum and seem to do a lot of the same things. (Do you use Hopper? Leave a comment and tell me your review!)
Instagram has also begun to roll out their own insights, but if you want more stats and info here are the best social media apps to help you get amazing data, and I cover how to use these in Gram Crackers.
Crowdfire – Probably THE standard app you’ve heard about when it comes to Instagram analytics. Their new rollout means their free version is useless after 7 days, but their paid plan has good insights and can help with cleaning up weird spammy comments. I believe they also did away with their follow/unfollow automation.
Planoly – The prettiest stats around but not really in-depth. They can help you plan and schedule your posts, but at the time of this writing, don’t have automation abilities.
Simply Measured – They’re actually a really large conglomerate, but offer a free Instagram analysis of your account which is pretty cool
Last but not least is the dodgiest of Instagram subsections: the apps that might get your account banned. They totally automate your community outreach and while I do NOT recommend them for the only method of engagement on Instagram, they can be good as supplemental tools.
What apps did I miss that you love? Let me know in the comments!

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