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Me Vs. the Library

Judging by my always incomplete reading list to the right, and my book reviews posted here, you are safe to assume that I frequent my branch of the Brooklyn Public Library quite often (Mapleton, holla!) Even though I've got five…
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Quick book recap

So I've still been reading, but apparently not able to post book reviews (more on that in the next post). Here's a quickie recap of books I've read and if I think they're worth your time: Interesting Reads "The Way…
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Thoughts on bureaucracy

Firstly "bureaucracy" is hard to spell, which is damning enough. I have mostly kept out of government-y things...I did what I was supposed to do: registered my business, got my insurance, pay my taxes...all of the normal business stuff. I…
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Being "that guy"

Things that make my uncomfortable: - PDAs - Talking about myself/my products at shows - Being "that guy" "That guy" at the moment, is sort of related to the second thing that makes me uncomfortable. I had to write a…
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