8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs by Brent Bowers

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I’ve been putting off finishing this book, not really for any particular reason other than it fit perfectly in my bag and was easy to read on the subway.


If you already are an entrepreneur then this book is nothing new. However, that is not an argument against this book…on the contrary I liked it very much. It was an easy read, used a diverse range of entrepreneurs (one that was even in the beauty industry!), and humanized them. I think a lot of times books like to give entrepreneurs a sort of Sir Richard Branson (love him!) stigma: we’re all adrenaline-driven risk takers and damn the consequences…this book, instead, showed all of the failures that we seem to go through as the stubbornly self-employed.

Do I have the 8 patterns described in the book? A little smugly: yes, yes I do. But I think that if you wanted to believe in these traits and genuinely believed yourself to be an entrepreneur then I think you’d find a way to tailor these qualities to yourself…so in the end who the hell knows. I do think the main pattern/trait/whathaveyou that seems to be reiterated in this book, though under different names, is this:

Entrepreneurs are fluid

We bounce back, fall down, get up, keep moving, are restless, etc. It was comforting to read that so many get bored with their projects quickly, it definitely made me feel a little less crazy.

Time to read 4-5 subway rides
Would I? Yes if you’re looking for a pat on the back for doing what you’re already doing. It’s a good motivator

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