Birthing the Elephant by Karin Abarbanel and Bruce Freeman

Recently I decided to pick up a bunch of “women in business” books and this was first on the list.

It was a short read, and to be honest, there isn’t anything new that you haven’t figured out about business if you’ve read a few books, but I enjoyed the book more for the case studies. The authors reached out to a number of women in various stages of success to tell their stories. From makeup empress Bobbi Brown to a woman who owns a yarn store in Jersey, each woman had a relatable story, which really made this book stand out. There were some moments when my inner cynic came out and went “really?!” but overall it’s a good book for motivation. Just don’t expect to pick up any new sensational tips.

Bottom Line:
Rating: 4/5
Time to read: 1-2 subway rides

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