Book Review: Get Rich Blogging by Zoe Griffin

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First off, you gotta give it to her for putting it right there in the title. “Get Rich Blogging. This is what you want? This is what I’m going to give you.” No muss, no fuss.

Now, I didn’t know Zoe’s blog before I picked this up so I can’t say whether Live Like a VIP is the type of blog that I aspire to create. From the gist of the book it seems to be like a celeb blog or even more like a Perez Hilton-style conglomerate, so probably not. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t value in this book for everyone.

The first part of Get Rich Blogging might turn you off if you’ve been in blogging for awhile, as it’s sort of a “Blogging 101” guide. It skims over platforms, ideas, and basic things that help you get set up in this world.

Now, the 2nd part was incredibly useful and well done. This is the section where Zoe breaks down resources for different niches. She interviewed bloggers in each category on the best way to grow your business and monetize, so it’s a wealth of knowledge for food bloggers, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and celeb. She didn’t tackle business blogging specifically, but she did have a section on IT blogs.

Some of the interviews were useful and incredibly helpful. Some (like Perez Hilton’s 1 sentence answer that was something like “blogging is fun!”) seemed to be in there just for the name dropping, but I can’t fault her for that. Each section also included a wealth of information on organizations and PR companies that work in those specific categories. The drawback for me, though, was that it’s UK-based so there weren’t many specifics for US-based resources, but those aren’t hard to find if you’re resourceful.

Overall I felt that Get Rich Blogging was a great guide, full of useful information and I would recommend it to all UK bloggers that are looking for ways to grow their niche blogs.

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