Book review: Little Red Book of Selling

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I picked this book up as a recommendation from a colleague and..welll……meh.

If you’ve been reading along with me then you’ll know why I didn’t like this book: it’s nothing new. Jeffrey Gitomer talks about how he is a magical shaman of sales (my words, not his) and he will tell you how he does it, and PS he’s not going to sugarcoat his language for you so suck it up. Okay fine. I have learned that sales is a conversational thing, not a by-the-book technique, but dare I say I was…underwhelmed…at his off-the-cuff language.

Look, it’s a great book if it’s your first book on selling. But if you’ve been doing sales for awhile, or you’ve read any other book on selling then this is nothing new.

It does come with a nice bookmark attached to the book, though. Which is nice

Time to read: 2-3 subway rides

Would I? Meh….

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1 comment

Carla July 23, 2010 - 9:01 am

I didn’t care much for it either, I thought his method felt sort of “old school” and pushy, at least that’s not my style.


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