Book Review: Marketing for Entrepeneurs

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Seems straightforward enough! However, upon opening the book I realized my mistake…this is almost definitely a book that is a supplement to a college marketing course. I could tell by my lack of being able to remember anything I read in it. It has basic applications, definitions, themes, etc…all that go with a marketing course. I was a halfway decent college student, and I would say damn well decent when I got courses that interested me, but this book brought back memories of studying Algebra…no matter how many times I read a passage in this book it just wouldn’t stick.

I definitely learn best from books that have at least a smidge of first person experiences from the author in it. This book was, forgive me, by the book. I really couldn’t see it being a standalone text…there would have to be some gifted professor teaching a course with it that could help the students not become (over/under)whelmed with this. I actually didn’t finish the book…I know it’s not really fair to it but I figured it was best to cut my losses and move on.

If you’re gung-ho academic, give it a try. For the rest of us…well…

Would I? meh

Time to read: 5+ subway rides

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