Book Review: Sell Like The Best

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This was the first book I read from my new business stack. I picked it first because, let’s face it, it was a short book. I think that Stephen Schiffman did that on purpose, though. He’s been doing sales for a “long time” (timespan purposely withheld…fair enough!) and I think he knew that getting to the point would be a better read than a long sales book.

The book is short, 142 pages, and the chapters are 2-5 pages each, so it’s really easy to get through. Although the middle of the book was definitely geared more towards reps than the self-employed, most of the book still stayed relevant to me. The first part of the book really motivated me to do something, anything! It’s been awhile since a book has done that for me.

Would I?: Yes, recommended. Time to read: 5 subway rides, max

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