Book Review: The Success Principles

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There are only two books that I have gotten from the library that made me want to literally run out of my apartment and buy to keep in my collection forever. The first one is The 4-Hour Workweek which pretty much became my Bible. The second one is this book.

I won’t lie it is a long read (400+ pages), but it’s laid out in easy to finish chapters, each covering one of the principles that will set you ahead. A lot of it is pretty self-explanatory, like becoming 100% responsible for your life, but I think that Jack was right in reiterating the importance of doing it. There are affirmations and little writing sessions he suggests, and after completing those and the book (well haven’t completed doing the affirmations, of course!), I would definitely say I’m more positive about the life I’ve chosen and this book has really helped me set a realistic course for success. There are parts where he tells the reader to write down their dreams no matter how silly they seem, but to make them realistic. Rather than saying “I want to be rich!” instead write “I want to have a net worth of $2 million by 2015” and that by adding dates and actual numbers it helps to set forth to achieving that goal rather than a vague goal of “wealth.”

Bottom line:

Time to read: 5+ subway rides

Would I? Absolutely, pick up this book!

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