Book Review: The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy

I’ve been told for months and months that Dan Kennedy is the person I need to be reading. Unfortunately his books are hard to find when it comes to my usual sources (uh mostly, the library and PaperbackSwap), so when I stumbled onto one I immediately picked it up.

The book covers a lot of great info, but I couldn’t get behind it. The reason why? He brings his politics into the book. Towards the end of the first quarter of the book, he lists things that are old and outdated, and compares them to things that are new and innovative. One of the top ones was CNN vs. Fox News. Which really struck me as an odd thing to say. I figured maybe it was something Fox News was doing with some sort of technical aspects that I didn’t understand. So I thought it was odd and I moved on.

Then, about midway through the book he begins talking about how Hillary Clinton was seen as a joke. And that’s when I closed the book. I truly, honestly, and sincerely do not care what a persons political stance is…until they have to make a point to tell me about it. In all of the books I’ve read, I have never once had to get past the authors politics, because they weren’t in the book. It wasn’t relevant to the subject. So for Kennedy so make it such a prevalent part of his book…what’s the point? Does it really matter that he’s obviously a Conservative? Definitely not. Is it appropriate to repeatedly point it out in a book about marketing?

Definitely not.

Bottom line:
Time to read: ~3 subway rides
Would I recommend? No.

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