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How my newsletter copy helped generate $17,491.55 in three months for ClydeBank Media.

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Revenue Generated (Sept 2023 - Dec 2023)


ClydeBank Media, publishers of the successful Quickstart Guide series, knew they had a powerful customer list, but weren’t having success engaging their users.

CBM needed to find a way to create content that would keep their business top-of-mind while maintaining an open pipeline of communication when new Guides were released.

There was also an additional need to keep the email list growing to entice potential JV and sponsorship opportunities.


As a freelance writer, my latest project involves creating content for a white page that features an eye-catching picture of a building and a majestic skyscraper.


$17k in Three Months

From September 2023 - December 2023 Not only were the weekly digests high-drivers of sales, but they also created regular touchpoints with customers, enabling Quickstart Guides to drive revenue and extend the customer lifecycle.

"Megan is helpful, eager to collaborate, very responsive, and receptive to feedback. She worked with us on a long-term project and delivered milestones on time while meeting or exceeding expectations."
Benjamin Sweeney
ClydeBank Media


CBM weren’t the only pleased clients…check the testimonials below to see just how much their weekly digests meant to the recipients.

What do your readers have to say about your newsletter? If it doesn’t sound like any of these, we should talk. 

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