Case Study:

From page 8 to 1 in 90 days

Logo of "select employee relations associates" featuring a stylized 'e' in blue and gold color scheme.


ER Select/Employee Relations Associates needed to revamp its marketing strategy to keep up with digital trends.

There were two serious areas in need of prioritization: the website needed to be reworked to focus less on “digital business card” and more on “automated funnel” + the previous online digital strategy was lacking in terms of data procurement, social proof outreach, and social media goals.


Website homepage of a recruiting company, featuring navigation tabs, service options like "i need a job," "i need to recruit," and "i need help," with a blurred background image of people walking.


From Page 8 to Page 1

Once the full strategy was implemented ER Select moved from Page 8 to Page 1 in only 90 days for "temporary jobs Rochester"

"Megan's work was life-changing for our business. Her innovative ideas and follow-through were refreshing and completely changed the game for us."
Professional man in a suit within a circular blue frame.
Thomas C. Ioele
CEO, ER Select

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