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Content Ideas for Instagram and Pinterest

I am guilty of falling into what I call “the consistency trap” when it comes to social media. You know that the name of the game when it comes to being successful on social media, like newsletters, is to post consistently on a regular schedule, but it gets SO overwhelming. How are you supposed to think of new things to post every day?

To me, this is one of the easiest, yet most time consuming, questions to answer with an actionable guide. You can post anything you want, just as long as it’s beautiful and you have a blog post worth of captions to write for it, especially on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Suddenly this free marketing opportunity is taking time and energy away from your business. And it was simply supposed to help you promote! Ugh.

But don’t worry, as help is here! I’ve created a plan to help you (and me!) out with this, so let’s dive in:

Content Ideas for Instagram and Pinterest

Ideas for Instagram

If you’re running a product-based business, then I’d recommend:

  • showing pictures of your workspace (if it’s clean!)
  • shots of your process and other behind-the-scenes content
  • customer testimonials
  • things that inspire you to create
  • members of your team, and most importantly;
  • your products.

If you’re service-based, the ideas for you are somewhat similar to product-based businesses:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • team members
  • workspaces
  • things that inspire you
  • customer testimonials
  • motivational or industry-related quotes
  • conference/industry event recaps
  • sneak peeks
  • breakdowns of the services you offer

If you’re a blogger, then I’d recommend:

  • making images of snippets from your blog posts
  • topics you’re working on
  • behind-the-scenes of your blogging process
  • your writing space
  • a day in your life
  • other bloggers content you love
  • tips that lead to your blog posts
  • things and quotes that inspire you
  • any industry events or conferences you head to
Tools and Third-Party Apps

I’ve written a post outlining which Instagram apps I’ve tried, but I use Planoly to help me load my content ahead of time (and I LOVE that it can also help me schedule Stories so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with finding things to post).

Ideas for Pinterest

If you’re doing straight pinning directly from Pinterest (which you should do!) then this one is fairly easy: just repin things that your audience will love and remember there is a difference between you and your ideal customer! If you’re utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business, then it’s no longer about recipes you plan to make this week (or never because you’ll totally forget about it if you’re like me!), but it’s about things that make your customer feel that you’re thinking about them and their needs.

Tools and Third-Party Apps for Pinterest and Instagram

The good thing is that there are apps that can help you front-load this content. I use Tailwind for things like this and it’s not only helped me load my own content, but it’s also been really useful for finding similar content that will appeal to my audience.

Product-based businesses should focus on pinning content that is complimentary to their product line. So if you’re a clothing manufacturer, you’re going to want to find content that talks about optimal washing tips for wool/cotton/etc, neat ways to fold clothes, how to organize your closet, Konmari method tips, closet inspiration pics, and your products being worn on others (If you need to find images like this, I’ve used PlaceIt and love love LOVE it.)

Service-based businesses should look for content that is similar to their offerings but is more informational than transactional. If you’re a WordPress developer, then you’d want to look for pins that are about how to speed up a blog, little known hacks for WordPress, why WordPress over square space, beautiful looking blog layouts, best plugins for X niche, etc.

Bloggers should focus on content that expands on a blog post topic. While it would be really cool to have boards dedicated to individual posts, that might get a little crazy to maintain and would be an overwhelming user experience, so try to group your blog posts into similar niches and make boards that relate to those (and then link to them in your blog post!). If, for example, you’re a fitness blogger then you’re going to want to make pins that compliment your blog post about a smoothie recipe so you’d look for posts about different fruits/veggies and their benefits, ways to meal prep with smoothies, why X blender is better than Y for smoothies, and inspirational posts from other bloggers that show how smoothies have helped them real their fitness goals.


Hopefully, that gives you a few ideas as to what you can post on Instagram or Pinterest to help move your business forward. But remember that the two most important things are: keep posting consistently and think about what your customer would want (and not what you want) and you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.

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