Content Ideas for YouTube and TikTok

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Continuing my series about content ideas for various social media platforms, let’s jump into one of the scariest: video.

I think a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to get in front of the camera because they don’t feel like they’re “enough” whatever that means! In my experience, being vulnerable and not perfect is huge in gaining loyalty from your fan base. So let your light shine and don’t intimidate yourself out of a huge opportunity.

What I love about video is that like podcasting the rules can be written by you. There’s no set length, no fixed style, nothing that stops you from tailoring the platform to fit your business and your customers. 

But what should you actually post?

Content Ideas for YouTube and TikTok

Product-based businesses

This is where you’re going to shine as you have tangible goods to show off! Use videos to do deep dives into your products and to point out unique aspects that set your business apart. Remember that good marketing means fulfilling your customers needs. So try to show your products off in such a way that the content is about what your product does for your customer and not just a reiteration of the bullet points on your website (AKA benefits vs features)

Service-based entrepreneurs

YouTube and TikTok are great for you when it comes to showing off your unique personality and how it funnels into your business. If you’re a coach then it’s especially true that you are your product. So lean into that and use video to let your followers/customers get to know you more. Show off your day, discuss apps you love in your business and why, talk about new or popular topics in your niche (newest trends, weird snake oils that don’t work) and remember that your goal is to be the expert so show off your knowledge!


What I love about video for bloggers is that it can be an extension of content you’ve already done. I like to use video as supplementary content for my blog posts. For my Why I’m Deleting Followers from My Instagram post I used video to show how you can actually manually remove followers, which allowed that blog post to have another avenue of promotion (YouTube) and also led my blog readers to my YouTube account, thereby showing them more video content and boosting my numbers. Look at your past content and see if there are ways to either completely turn it into a video (listicles are great for this) or if there are short videos you can make that will add more value to the post and provide another platform for your content.

Helpful Apps To Use

I am a huge data nerd when it comes to finding out how my videos are performing and the ways I can move them up the ranks. So I absolutely recommend using TubeBuddy for keyword research, insights, and for batch SEO editing. I got both of them through deals on Appsumo so I use them both. But I would say that either could be used without losing much functionality from the other. 

For video editing I use Screenflow to fix sound and cut clips. Then I send it over to InVideo for polishing and branding.

I record video on my Canon Rebel with an 18-55mm lens and just invested in a wireless lavalier mic so that I can muffle the sounds that are in my YouTube studio/basement. But even just using your phone is a great start to get yourself comfortable diving into growing a YouTube channel or TikTok account.

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