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Author, Podcaster, Marketing Nerd, and Perpetually-Caffinated.


5x award-winning entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and generally over-caffeinated person. I help entrepreneurs and bloggers take their businesses to the next level with value-based marketing coaching. 

I cut my chops as a Director of Marketing for a number of companies but left corporate to focus on my fellow small business owners who know they’re destined for greatness and need a little push to get there. 

How Can I Help?

Marketing Strategy

Learn how I can help grow your business through 1:1 coaching and group courses + download freebies from my Member's Library.

Content Strategy

Check out my client portfolio and see how I can create value-based content that drives results for you!

Happy Clients

Over 154 satisfied clients including:

You can use Megan for strategy or for execution, she's great a both. Great at communicating, getting things done efficiently and on time, asks the right questions. If it sounds like a dream - she is, and it's been just a life saver to be able to work and rely on her. I've worked with her in writing blog posts on a variety of topics, personalized emails, marketing emails, marketing messaging, brochures, website content. All fast, on point, a true accelerant to the team and goals.

Caroline Tiel-Spalding CMO

I loved her writing style which was clear and straight forward. She delivered everything required for the project that too pretty much within a quick span. Above all, I loved the way she was super positive to make any number of revisions. This clearly shows that she truly cares for the clients and the needs of the project she takes upon. Strongly recommended. Loved working with her 🙂

Pradmosh M. Entrepreneur

Megan definitely has a gift. I approached her with my issue of not being able to get my message across in a way that would connect with my audience. Megan got it right away. She blew me away with how easy she made it look. Now I feel more confident about engaging with my virtual audience.

Rose Guthrie Entrepreneur

Megan is a one-woman dynamo, and hands down, a fabulous person to know as a professional colleague. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with Megan on many different projects and each time it has been a lesson in how to get thingsv 'done'.

Brandee Sanders VP of Marketing

    What I'm Nerdy About

    My Areas of Expertise.


    digital marketing

    Need help creating ride-or-die customers for life? That’s my jam! I work 1:1 with clients to create a marketing strategy that keeps you top-of-mind and brings you the buckoo bucks.


    sales funnels

    Getting leaks in your funnel? I can help you create a dynamic, profitable sales funnel that drives revenue and solves your customers’ problems.


    social media

    I love social media marketing because it removes the barriers and offers a wealth of leads through organic content. I can help you create a marketing strategy for social or can create bespoke posts for your business.

    Do You Know Your Biz Profile?

    Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are as an entrepreneur? Learn about your blind spots and what to keep an eye out for to make your business, revenue, and customers go bananas 🍌

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    Stop Sucking at Business Podcast

    Subscribe to Megan’s podcast: Stop Sucking at Business and get on-the-go insights into marketing, business strategies, and hear from other successful entrepreneurs. 

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    Learn Marketing with Me on YouTube

    Check out my weekly series where I discuss marketing for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone who wants to use the digital space to sell.

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