Top 8 Email Marketing Services

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With the rise of social media as a form of marketing and communication, some entrepreneurs may think that email marketing is dead. However, some 200 million or so emails are still being sent out which means email is still one of the primary tools used for communication. And, as an entrepreneur, emails can certainly open a lot of opportunities. It can be used for updating your customers, getting new clients or, just to share what’s going on in your business. Now, this is where email marketing services come in.

What Are Email Marketing Services & What To Look For

According to StreamSend, “Email marketing occurs when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of email. Most commonly through advertisements, requests for business, or sales or donation solicitation, any email communication is considered email marketing if it helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition.” So, email marketing services are software or companies that provide or assist in the automation process of email marketing.

There are a lot of email marketing services available in the market right now, and there are some things you should look for such as: HTML/Plain Text offerings, Statistics and Integration (you can read more about this on our post – Email Marketing… It’s A Thing!).

Top 8 Email Marketing Services

Having said that, we’ve round up the top eight email marketing services available. Here are some services you should consider:
One of the most popular services (with over 15 million users), MailChimp is the world’s current leading email marketing platform. With MailChimp, you can easily customize your emails and use templates for your newsletter or autoresponder. It is also widely used because of how easy and convenient it is to use which is a plus especially for those who are new and just starting out with email marketing. Pricing at $0 to $199 for Pro Marketer.
If we’re talking about pioneer email marketing, Aweber is up there. Even though it looks a bit outdated, don’t get fooled. It has mastered email marketing – it’s cost-effective and easy to use. They’re also good at walking you through the process of how to set up a sign-up form for your own newsletters. Aweber also offers some excellent features that can compete with those premium email marketing services. Pricing at $19 to $149 a month.
ConvertKit, on the other hand, is an email marketing tool customized for bloggers/influencers. It’s well-designed and very elegant. It’s also perfect for building campaigns that can be very valuable to bloggers/influencers offering web courses. Pricing at $29 to $79 a month.
If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to use platform – opt for GetResponse. They have more than 500 beautifully designed templates you can use for your emails. They’re also optimized for mobile, so you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve also read a lot of positive feedback for their customer support so, that’s a plus. Pricing at $15 to $999 a month.
Constant Contact
Like MailChimp and MadMimi, we’ve talked about Constant Contact before. They are usually used in corporate settings. What makes Constant Contact different from the rest is that they offer every customer a personal marketing coach to assist and guide them through the process. Overall, they’re good and provides all the solutions you’ll probably need. Pricing at $20 to $125 a month.
Campaigner is another great email marketing tool with one of the most advanced features. According to TopTen Reviews, Campaigner is also ideal for new users of email marketing services because it has an easy-to-navigate interface and provides access to the user manual as a pop-up window. The dashboard is laid out intuitively with links to tasks you’re likely to use often, and it includes a list of past campaigns and your subscriber activity. Pricing at $19.95 to $549.95 a month.
Mad Mimi
Now Mad Mimi is a bit less popular email marketing service, but, it still packs a punch. With its frequently changing interface, it may take some time to get used to Mad Mimi. If you want to send a simple good looking no-fuss email, this is for you. Pricing at $10 to $1049 a month.
Last but not the least, MailerLite. This is popular because of its affordability! You can use it for free (for 1,000 subscribers) or pay for their premium subscription. Some of their awesome features are Drag-and-drop editor, and it’s mobile-friendly auto-resend. It’s also easy to navigate so you can start right away. Pricing at $0 to $1049 a month.
And that’s what we have for today. All you have to do is choose which of these email marketing services suits your need. What email marketing app are you using? Share what you like about it in the comment section.

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