Episode 28 // Let’s talk about money


In this episode, Megan talks about money, fears of big amounts and how to handle them.

There are no reasons that you can’t make money.

In 10 days, you will have 30 different ways to make money and then implement.
Big scary amounts of money are totally subjective. If you have a big amount of debt, don’t think of it as a big scary number. You can think of it as a per day amount of debt that you need to pay.
SELL THINGS. Start thinking of things that you could sell. Start developing products that can take care of that of you. Start targeting people who will be interested in your product.
IMPLEMENT. Start making things happen.
Get over your fear of big scary numbers. Break it down to actionable steps.
Don’t be scared of money. Create a feeling of abundance.
– Spend the money on something that will save you time.
– Write down your big scary number and cross it off every time you earn something.
Megan’s Financial Planner: meganbrame.com/financialplanner

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