Episode 29 // Maybe you need to start a subscription box (with Jesse Richardson from Crate Joy)

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In this episode, Megan interviews Jesse Richardson from Crate Joy. They talk all about subscription boxes.

Endless possibilities for subscription boxes.

Things discussed:

  • How to Start your own Subscription Box
    – Find your Niche
    (what experience do you want to give your customers? Is it based on discovery or replenishment?)
  • Build a Landing Page
    -Identify your communities. Get some traffic to your page. Look at how well your audience will respond to your idea. It lets you test how effective you are on creating or marking your product to your target market. It gives you a strong marketable asset.
  • Things to consider on building a subscription
  • Free sampling
  • Pricing
  • Marketing pitch
  • Looking for suppliers
  • Planning for the launch
  • How many items to put in a box
  • How do you reach out to vendors
  • Product packaging
  • How to handle getting feedback


  1. Cratejoy.com
  2. Jesserichardson.com

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