Episode 33: Moving to Wholesale (Interview with Anne Dardick)

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In this episode, we are with Anne Dardick of Dot and Lil and she talks about how to expand your business into wholesale.

  1. What came first? The client profile or the product?
  2. How do you balance being the face of the company?
  3. How do you train people to advertise the product?
  4. US vs. Canada?

– If you want is to be bigger and larger than yourself, you have to ask how your business is scalable and how it could potentially be saleable.
– It’s very hard to exit from or sell a business if you’re into retail shows.
– If you’re selling a consumable low price item, wholesale could be the way to go depending on your wholesale discount.
– The more we do video, the more that we look like a team when I talk about them. In skin care, you have to be a good salesperson and you have to be well informed about the products.
– Make zero claims about the product.
– Canada is smaller in market size.
– Storage in the US is the way to go. Shipping back and forth is expensive.
– Facebook Ads depends on what product we are marketing. Most ads are remarketing ads going to the website or product page. Clicks targeted for US are lower across the board. Our Conversion rate for Europe is higher.

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