Episode 37 // Results from my 30 Day Instagram Challenge

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In this episode, Megan will be sharing all the things I learned from my 30 Day Instagram Challenge.

Tips on Instagram Domination
1. Do everything ahead of time. Do it in batches.
– I posted 3x a day for 30 days.
2. How many posts should be about their products or about other things?
– I recommended that you focus on a ratio of about 3 posts of value and 1 post of selling.
– Treat your account as a community more than for selling.
3. A profile should really involve what’s in it for a follower and not you.
– Create a feature. Link to something specific.
– People will use keywords on their profiles.
4. Hashtags:
– Keep it at about 29 -30.
– Find a hashtag that is less than a million post and more than 50,000 posts, so you’re post will not get lost.
5. I recommend that your post has a call to action so that you start creating a community.
6. Grum.co
– A desktop app that automatically posts to Instagram for you.
7. I get more engagement when I post regularly.
8. Follow posts and like posts. Instagram doesn’t like it when you automate your community. Regularly build your community.
9. Curation and cleanup
– Always make sure that you present your best self. I recommend that you clean up posts that have low engagement.

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