Episode 40 // Time and Money

In this episode, Megan talks about how to give the value of your time and money. Megan tells you how to deal with getting asked for free stuff.

Be grateful and thankful and tell someone that you’re thankful for them.

You feel bad/guilty charging for your creative work. We think our time isn’t worth as much as it should be. You shouldn’t be afraid to make money. Stop feeling bad about it. There isn’t anything wrong for charging something for your time if there are benefits for someone else.

Your time is valuable. Don’t feel like you have to apologize for that.

Time is a bitch. Time is annoying. You need time to grow.
Start with a reasonable price for your product if you are starting because you are learning. It will grow over time. Everybody started somewhere.
Make a plan. Start with a goal and go backward. Act on it. Keep things in perspective.
Start tracking little things.
Link to the podcast Megan mentioned:
Young House Love Has a Podcast Episode 8

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