Get Twitter Followers Organically In 6 Easy Steps

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Like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. Being an influencer or an entrepreneur and having a substantial amount of Twitter followers can have a lot of advantages – one of them is opening a door for opportunities. Considering Twitter’s people-centric nature, it’s probably the best platform to establish a relationship with potential customers, entrepreneurs, and companies. However, building your Twitter followers organically can be a challenge.

Growing Twitter Followers Organically?

Buying followers packages for Twitter and other social media platform do exist, and it can work for a short period of time. However, in the long run, it may do more harm than good to your account. Why? Most of these “likes or followers” are bots (not real people) which means they won’t probably generate leads and boost conversion. Hence the importance of growing your Twitter followers organically and ethically.

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically

Growing your Twitter followers is not an overnight thing – it takes time and effort. But, once you build your foundation, it’s going to be easier. Here’s how you can grow your Twitter followers organically with six easy steps:
Set Up Your Profile
The first thing you can do is set up your profile. Create a customized header photo of your business/brand, upload a profile picture, include your location, and most especially, take time to create your bio. Your bio should be brief, but it should also describe what you do or who you are. Remember to fill out your website URL, too.
Publish Content
Yes, tweet content from your website. Aside from cross-posting your content, you also have to post content that your followers can relate to. It could be a motivational quote, an infographic, a short video about a particular topic, or a reaction to a certain topic.
Use Hashtags
Never underestimate the power of hashtags. If you used it correctly, it could definitely boost your followers and increase your traffic. Use 2 or 3 relevant hashtags to your post so that it can easily be discovered by people looking/talking about the topic. You can also utilize hashtags if you have a campaign or event.
Engage With Your Followers
Don’t just post content, make sure to engage with your followers. Tweet them, ask questions, get their opinion. People love hearing back from entrepreneurs/influencers. Engaging with your followers also shows your character – that you care and that they matter to you or your business. People will usually “follow” you if they see that you interact with your followers and publish compelling content.
Promote Your Twitter Page
Actively promote your Twitter Page amongst your clients/customers through posting a link to your page on your Facebook Business Page or Instagram. You can also cross-post your tweets on various social media platforms with the use of social media management app. If you’ve worked with other influencers/entrepreneurs, ask them to tag you.
Consistency and Reciprocating
One of the most effective ways to grow Twitter followers organically is by being consistent. Publish content regularly (you can use a social media management app to make scheduling easier), engage with your followers, promote your page. Don’t stop! Make it your daily habit to repeat these steps. Also, don’t forget to reciprocate the buzz that you receive. Like their comment, reply and mention them if necessary.
And this is how you get Twitter followers organically! If you’re not getting the result that you want, don’t give up. Go over these steps and see if you’re missing something. Do you have any tips to share? Share them in the comment section :)

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