How I've used to grow my business

FiverrLet me start off by saying that, full disclosure, Fiverr is one of my amazing sponsors. BUT they are one of my sponsors because I truly love using them, and I use them a LOT. This post was not requested by them, nor do they probably even know about it. I'm just a fan and you need to know what you're missing out on if you're not using their site.
What is it? is a website that hosts thousands of users, all who are willing to do a task for you for a cool $5. Some of the users have additional options and they can get into as much as you want to spend (I've noticed a lot of app developers on there use the extras to get their actual asking price), but you can get pretty much any kind of marketing, website, or business product you need there on the cheap.

What have I used Fiverr for?

– Having a professional press release written
– Having my photos professionally edited, which saved me HOURS. (I hate you, white backgrounds)
– Having research done for me (trends, keywords, statistics)
– Having someone manage my social media while I was on vacation
– Someone actually made sales follow up calls for me, too!
– Having someone set up my first AdWords campaign
– Got a script for cold calling from a professional
You can also have logos designed, promo videos created, people with serious social media cred tweet/post/instagram about you, have voiceover work done, the list goes on. I'm pretty excited to get into the voiceover/video promo area, as I want to start creating videos soon.
I know a lot of this can be done on your own with a bit of learning and time, but how much is your time worth? MJ DeMarco makes a fantastic point in his book The Millionaire Fastlane: There is unlimited money out there but no one has unlimited time. As an entrepreneur who has to wear 545 different hats, it worth your time to do these tasks or is it worth outsourcing for a couple of bucks?
Do you use Fiverr? Do you sell on Fiverr? I would love to talk to you!

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