How to Create a Pinterest Content Strategy

How to Create a Pinterest Content Strategy

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Continuing my series about social media content strategies, let’s dive into Pinterest.

Pinterest is the unsung hero of blog content. It’s one of the biggest social media platforms…that isn’t actually a social media platform.

Pinterests sweet spot is as a search engine (3rd place behind Google and YouTube for search volume) and is clutch for driving a warm audience to your business.

What do I mean by “warm?” They’re already looking for the thing you have, so now it’s your job to give it to them!

Whether you’re a product or service-based entrepreneur, Pinterest should be one of your major social media priorities. 

How to Create a Pinterest Content Strategy

So how do you work Pinterest to your advantage?

1. Post consistently

#1 forever and always, the more content you feed Pinterest, the more it will back your account. 

2. Utilize hashtags in your description

I can’t find an official Pinterest stat for this, but suffice to say that hashtags ARE searchable on Pinterest, so you should use a few (but only a few, don’t go crazy like you would on Instagram).

3. Make sure you’re adding keywords in your description

Don’t just use the default copy that’s pulled from your blog. Take time to actually create optimized pin content for Pinterest and the search engine will reward you. I’ve posted my Pinterest routine below so you can see how I use both Tailwind and TastyPins to help me do that.

4. Create multiple pins for the same piece of content

Don’t count on one image to be enough, create at least 5 different pins in different styles to appeal to more Pinners. 

5. Don’t pin the same thing to the same boards

Take those 5+ pins and spread them around! Add them to different boards you own, group boards, and Tailwind Tribes. 

6. Use the native app/site

I don’t believe that Pinterest has a huge issue with Tailwind or other schedulers, I think they probably just see it as a necessary evil. But I’ll tell you the easiest way to boost your numbers on Pinterest: live pin on the site. You can pin other pins besides your own and just scroll through your feed, but the more effort you put into Pinterest, the more they’ll reward you for your time.

Pinterest is hands-down one of the best drivers of traffic to my blogs and businesses, and it’s so ridiculously easy to use that I give it a high priority in my marketing workflow, as should you!

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