How to Create an Email Sales Funnel

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Continuing my last post about onboarding funnels, let’s talk about what happens when someone becomes part of an email sales funnel.

How to Create an Email Sales Funnel

What is an email sales funnel?

This is a funnel directly tied to a lead magnet that is part of a higher ticket item. As an example: this would be used for a free webinar that ties into a course.

How does it help my business?

An email funnel keeps the relationship going after the free offer and ensures that they will receive more value, have more questions answered, and be pushed towards completing the sale.

The anatomy of an email sales funnel

I do a walkthrough of this in my Conversion Funnel Masterclass, but here is a rough guide.

For this, we’re going to pretend they’ve been to your webinar which was to pitch a course you run, but they have not yet purchased.

1. Thank you for attending + replay

Send this one hour after the webinar. This should be a sincere thank you, a link to the replay, and a CTA to purchase the course. Remove them from the funnel if they purchase from this email.

2. FAQ

Send this 1-2 days after. This is where you handle objections. CTA: Invite them to reply to the email with any questions they might have. If they then purchase the course, remove them from this funnel.

3. Story

Send this 1-2 days after. Remember that this is for those who have not yet purchased the course. Tell them about a transformation, either your own or a student of yours, and explain why you created this course in the first place. Emphasize that time is running out. CTA should be a link to the course. If they purchase, remove them from the funnel.

4. Brazen sell

Send this 1 – 2 days later. I called this the “brazen sell” because it cuts to the chase and calls them out. This can be a pretty divisive email, and you may notice unsubscribes get higher here but it’s meant to cut the bullshit and tell them you know they’re afraid. You also know they’re stuck, otherwise, they wouldn’t have joined the webinar in the first place. Give them tough love here and emphasize the transformation your course gives. CTA is a link to purchase with a timer deadline. Remove them from the funnel if they purchase.

5. Last chance

Send this 1 hour before close. This is more friendly than the brazen sell but is short and to the point. List the course modules, the bonuses, the value (and how it’s so much greater than the cost), and any money-back guarantees (if you offer them). CTA should be a one-line transformation question (“Are you ready to….?”) with a timer.

6. Move them to your onboarding funnel or your regular list.

Here’s an infographic I created to give you a better visualization.

How to Create an Email Sales Funnel

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