What is an Add-On

How to Make More Money Series: The Add-On or Order Bump

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This is part 2 of a 4 part series to help you earn more money in your business.

Similar to the tripwire, but less bells and whistles, the add-on can be a quick way to increase your average checkout amount while creating a more valuable user experience for your customer.

What is an Add-On?

Also known as a “bump”, an add-on is a product or service that’s shown in the shopping cart right before the customer checks out. It’s different from a tripwire in that it is only shown when the customer is already in the buying stages. (Whereas a tripwire is shown during the very first phase of a sales funnel. Usually after something free is given away.)

Key considerations of an order bump or add-on

The bump needs to be something that triggers an immediate understanding of how the increase in price justifies the increase in value. Your bump needs to complement the original product/service and should seem like a natural pairing. Don’t use this to try to move old inventory or clearance products. As that won’t seem like an increase in value unless they’re related to the original product in some way. 

It should be incredibly easy to say “yes” to the bump. The best ways I’ve seen this handled is with a call-out box in the shopping cart that has a little blurb about the add-on and a checkbox that, when ticked, auto adds the product to the cart.

What are some types of add-ons?

These can be tailored to individual products or can be generic across the board of your e-commerce site but I wouldn’t recommend using both. Keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Double the order at a discount (buy one more and save 30%!)
  2. Bundle the product (add these complementary products for only $50!)
  3. Increase the value of the product (add on the e-book (or audiobook) version of my latest book for only $35!)
  4. Gift wrap + gift message
  5. Autographed/personalized product

The workflow of an Add-On

The beauty of this is that, as long as you have a shopping cart that has this feature, the only work you’ll need to do is setting up the delivery and adding your irresistible copy.

I use DPD for this, as the majority of my add-ons are digital or service-based. So no physical fulfillment needs to be added to it. If you’re dealing with physical products, Shopify + Sweet Order Bump plugin handle this extremely well.

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