Is Dropbox Shop Better Than Etsy to Sell Digital Products?

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Hey, guys, Megan here. Still coming to you from the office with my aquarium friends. Earlier this month, Dropbox announced that they are now launching a shop feature, which was so interesting to me as a freelancer and someone who sells digital merch.

Kind of curious on what this is all about and how it’s going to go. So I thought we would walk through it together and see what’s up. Now again, this is in beta, so I think we’re still kind of like on it. So let’s just dive in and with an open mind and see what this is all about.

What’s interesting is if you’re already logged into Dropbox, there’s no like landing pages, there’s just a setup page. And so that’s where we are. So let’s see what this is all about. Now I don’t think it has any options for physical products. I think it’s all for digital downloads.

But check it out, let’s see what we can add. Level of files. Yeah, so let’s say is my ebook.

I don’t remember the price.

I wonder if I have them in Dropbox already. I don’t remember. So let’s just go and pull them in from my storage PDF preview.

Let’s see, I’ll put my free chapter in there, image or audio.

And that’s going to be the table of contents.

Oh, these are already set on. Okay.

We need to upload all of the time.

Interesting. Now the reason I say interesting is because that’s not really a great link, is it? Wow. It’s a difficult link to do, but let’s see what this looks like now. Okay, what I guess that was supposed to be is the cover and not preview.

So we’re learning this together now. Share, tipping enabled.

And let’s see what my storefront looks like now that I have 1 second and it looks like okay, until I set my payments up, it’s notify, which I guess I will notify myself when that happens. So we have two options here, PayPal and Stripe. And it’s up to you which one you’d probably prefer for this. I usually use Stripe for no real reason other than I don’t entirely trust Paypal.

Let’s set this guy up.

Thank you, RoboForm.

Okay, now we’re connected. Let’s go back and see.

So there you go. Buy it.

Credit or debit card? Perfect. Okay. With Google pay. Interesting.

Okay, now let’s go to actually the information on how much this is going to cost or what all of these things are. They’re pretty opaque about that, right? Like where’s the information?

So this is interesting. It doesn’t charge anything for you to sell on Dropbox Shop, which is really good if you’re doing digital lightroom presets or ebooks or things like that. Very interesting. And this text here about the processing fee for our payment providers charge is 2.9% plus thirty cents per transaction.

Pretty sure that means it’s the charge that Stripe or PayPal charges you, which I don’t think they’re the same, but they might be? No, I don’t know. I haven’t been paying attention. So you see how easy it is. Let’s talk about why you would want it.

One, it’s a storefront that you don’t need to pay anybody for like Etsy or Ebay or Big Cartel, Shopify, things like that. So I think it’s really good for people just starting out who want to do a couple of digital products and kind of test the water. I think that you need to have a paid Dropbox account for this. What I especially am interested in is that there are some viewonly options for purchases off the top of my head. Granted, I probably should have thought of ahead of time, but I can’t really think of how that would be useful.

I guess maybe for ebook or data files you don’t want mocked up. I think I could just take a screenshot, I don’t know. But anyways, so, your buyer, needs to have a Dropbox account to read to see view only purchases. But they can purchase anything else without a Dropbox account, and it doesn’t seem like there are restrictions on which type of account can again, it’s in beta, so they’re not really giving me a lot of information here. But it doesn’t seem like you need to have any type of particular Dropbox account.

At first I thought you needed a paid account, but it doesn’t say that anywhere unless I’m missing it.

Interesting. So again, this is a quick and dirty video, obviously, but it’s an interesting option if you want to sell digital products and you don’t want to pay Etsy every 90 days or set up your own WooCommerce shop or anything like that. Now, there are some drawbacks to it, of course. One, they don’t have the marketing that Etsy does or the plugins that Shopify does to help you really promote your shop. This is all going to be on you.

Secondly, I think that, again, I just did this really quickly, but off the top of my head, just thinking that if you wanted to fill a course or something else like a coaching service, you might need to set up a Zapier zap or have a downloadable file for access. But that sucks if you’re trying to do like individual student accounts. I have to think this through and think about if this could be something that could be utilized for course creators. I think that for digital content creators, this is a really useful thing, especially here if you have a Dropbox account and you don’t want to pay anybody else. Recommend

keeping eye on this.

Now, is this something that you think you could utilize? I want you to leave a comment with your most creative idea for how you could utilize a Dropbox shop. Because like I said, I just showed you how to quickly set up a shop and put a downloadable ebook in it. But if we put our brains together but we can noodle around and figure out something really interesting. So leave a comment and let me know something that you think you could put in a dropbox shop and I’ll see you in the next video.

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