Just a moment for gratitude

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Hey Friends,

I know this is the most insane part of your year. I’m part of a group on Facebook that is made up of entrepreneurs who bond together during this time of year. We post terrible pictures of our mess that we call studios, we all commiserate and discuss the virtues of the ugly cry, and at the end of each holiday season, we throw up cyber high fives on another year completed.

So here’s my cyber high five to you. I know you’re in the trenches and this is a stress-mazing time of year. But you’re doing it. And you’re making people happy (hopefully). Let’s all take a minute to be grateful to have this awesome ability to deliver a product that someone else truly appreciates and loves. We are incredible people and we are grateful for the opportunity to have a business that is wanted and needed by others.

The podcast and more updates are forthcoming in 2016 (cause, you know, I’m all over the place this time of year) but in the meantime…do your ugly cry, laugh at your horrible work space, and take a minute to feel that it is amazing to do what we do. Now go get em

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