Marketing Gear: Feelworld FW759 Monitor Unboxing

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Hey guys, Megan here. So today is going to be a little bit different than what I usually talk about
because I wanted to give you a little bit of an insight into the tech nerd that I am, but also the
marketing gear that I use or plan to use for my YouTube channel. I know a lot of you aren’t necessarily
wanting to build a YouTube channel, which is totally fine and understandable, but you often have
questions about like, “What do I need? Do I need this kind of thing? Do I need that kind of thing?”
“Is this going to help me market my business more? Is this something that is worthwhile investing
in?”, Those kind of questions. So I wanted to show you the most recent things that I have purchased
for my YouTube channel in order to help essentially make it easier to get all of this stuff out to you
and make sure that you are getting as much value from my channel as possible. So I want to show
you my new monitor and we’re going to be doing an unboxing of it in this video. This monitor is from
FeelWorld, which clearly that is a Chinese brand.
And I wanted this monitor because I can’t wear my glasses in these videos because the reflection just
comes right in my eyes and just makes me look like an insane person. I’m near sighted and I can’t see
my screen that well over there that is attached to the camera. And so I want to make sure that I’m
coming in clear and that I don’t have like Oreos in my teeth or something. So that’s one of the reasons
I bought it. Now, do you need a monitor?
It really depends on, 1) your vision, 2) what kind of marketing are you planning to do for your
business? If you’re a freelance writer like I am, is that something necessary? No, probably not. Unless
you are using video to help market your business. If you are someone who has a product based
business, then I think that video should really be something that you’re implementing, especially if you
sell online.
A lot of things I notice that new solopreneurs don’t really think about when they’re writing their
product description for a physical product is that you have to find some way to mimic the experience
of holding something in your hand that you can’t because it’s ecommerce. So I think that if you’re not
really good at understanding how to write copy or product descriptions or you want to have a better
way to show the word in my head is manipulate, but maybe that’s not the right word. How you
manipulate something in your hand, like a phone or like this lens cap, I can tell you this is two inches,
but if your customer doesn’t really can’t put that together in their head like I can’t, I’m terrible at that.
It’s easier to see it in someone’s hand and so that’s why I think video is really important for product
based businesses and why a monitor might be necessary for you. Now, if you’re a service based
solopreneur, again, like a writer, I don’t really see the point of it for you.
Unless you feel like video marketing is really something that’s going to be advantageous for your
business. So unless you are doing a YouTube channel and are nearsighted like me, or you’re running a
product based business, then I think that this probably is a skippable video for you. If you are running
a product based business or you want to start a YouTube channel, I think this is really going to be
really something cool for you. So I’m going to switch to my other camera, and we’re going to do a
deep dive in. Okay, so.
Here is the monitor, and I actually got it along with a case. Super happy about that. I got it on
AliExpress for about $95. And the set I got was with gift two, and the gift was this guy, the case. So I
recommend it if you, I don’t know, you just want to protect your stuff.
It was really hard to find a case otherwise. So, yeah, I’d recommend picking up the set with the case.
And if you want, I can just open it up, show you the case.
And this was the adapter that it comes with in the kit. Another thing that is super hard to find, I asked
for the US version of the plug, and they were very kind enough to send it for me. So, thank you to the
seller at AliExpress. You see, like it has in here for the little goodies and things. All right, you don’t care
about the case.
Let’s get to the thing.
So this is the sun shield for the monitor.
Fuzzy. It’s like felt with velcro. And then it just kind of goes on the monitor like that to shield the
reflection from the sun, not the manual.
And here we are.
I love a good film, don’t you? So let me put it the right way and see. We’ve got mode, menu, all of these
functions. Power. I doubt it doesn’t have battery in it or anything, any kind of power source just yet.
So turning it over. This is a battery mount. It takes a Sony battery and I think tells you what kind of
battery model number it needs. This already came attached, but I think that I can take this off if I was
still inclined. But here we have inputs.
DC, HDMI, audio, visual headphones controller, or mini USB, I guess. Top. Nothing really interesting
either side, nothing really interesting. The bottom a screw and mount. So that is the monitor.
In here. We also have HDMI plugs, and this will connect my camera to the monitor to put it onto a
tripod or boom stand, whatever the thing is. All right, so let’s see if I can actually do this while we’re
filming and turn it on. Let’s see if we can get it.
It might not work just yet, because to be honest, I have not read the instructions yet. So I’m not sure
how well this will work just yet, but let’s give it a shot and see what happens.
Actually, this won’t work because it needs a micro. I bought one on Amazon.
Let’s see if I bought the right one. I might have to return it.
Okay, that’s a bummer.
Let’s see. Ready? Here we go.
And there you have it. This is like layers and layers of looking into things, but there you go. You can
see how this works, and I wish I could show you that. The viewfinder on my camera is now off, so it’s
all going to feed right in here, but there you go. So let’s see if we can that was creepy.
And they’re just playing around.
This will be so helpful until I get my LASIK. Oh, my God, I am so pumped for this.
And because I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Let’s do it. Ready?
Oh, no. Can I get this off or not? Okay.
So satisfying. Okay. And there’s a little for you. Let me see.
Just letting you know that this monitor can get hot, but I think that this is going to be really exciting,
and I am so happy that I’ll be able to actually see what I’m doing now. So, yeah, that is my field world
monitor. I’m pretty excited to get it started. Probably put it over here somewhere so I can see much
better until I get my LASIK surgery. I don’t even know how that’s going to help.
Anyway. Tangent. Sorry. You know how I am.
I hope that this video is interesting for you. My next video, we’re going to get into something I am
super excited about. And if you are interested in tech that is not super expensive but kind of fun, then
you’re gonna want to check out my next video all about unboxing my new teleprompter and why I’m
so excited about it. So if you like this video, could you do me a favor? Can you boot that like button?
It tells YouTube that I’m doing a good job and that they should pass this out to more people. And if
you like these types of videos and think I’m also doing a good job overall, please subscribe to my
channel because I would love to see you here. In the meantime, tell me the tech that you’re interested
in getting. What have you been eyeing up lately? Are you waiting for any kind of Black Friday sales or
I am a tech nerd when it comes to marketing. I love this kind of stuff. So I want to see what you’re
interested in, too. So leave a comment below and let me know what you’re checking out. I’ll talk to you

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