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Why is Marketing the Worst?

I totally get it! When I had a “day job” as a Director of Marketing, I would always say:

“The good and bad thing about marketing is that no one really knows what you do. 10 Instagram followers doesn’t equal $10 so it’s always hard for someone to measure the success of a marketing initiative”

There might’ve also been some curse words in there, but I digress.

Some Marketing 101 Tips

  1. 1Establish Your End Game First – What is your inherent goal with a marketing campaign? Do you want to up your view count on a blog, drive product sales, increase your social media following? Each goal has different directives, so don’t try to do it all in one swoop.
  2. 2Remember UX Always – UX is a web developer term that means “User Experience” and is something that I think about every time I try a marketing tactic. Remember that the people you’re trying to reach are people and not robots so make sure you’re speaking with them like people. Go over your website/landing page/etc and make sure it’s user friendly and not bogged down with ads, grammar problems, broken images, etc.
  3. 3Remember that Marketing is a Moving Target – which I think is the BEST part about marketing: it’s never boring and always changes. Keep an eye on your marketing plan with analytics, A/B testing, and data to see what’s working and what isn’t. If you need to pivot, pivot! The more you can bob and weave with marketing, the better off your business will be.

​Some Posts AboutMarketing

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​Tools Designed forMarketing Success

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