Me Vs. the Library

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Judging by my always incomplete reading list to the right, and my book reviews posted here, you are safe to assume that I frequent my branch of the Brooklyn Public Library quite often (Mapleton, holla!)
Even though I’ve got five books out, one of them on my husbands library card (oops), I decided to go insane and type “small business” into the catalog search. Now, Im at page 16 of 150 and needless to say, I’m a little overwhelmed. And yet not.
So many of these books seem to be saying the same thing. “How to start and grow your business!” “the small business manual” “the small business SURVIVAL GUIDE!” and so on. I’ve come to a point where I have read SO. MUCH. of the same thing over and over again (as you’ll notice in some of my reviews) that I find myself skipping so many books because they look like they have the same drivel. Well, that’s not fair…it’s not drivel because the information is so important…but when you’ve read about Sole Props vs. LLCs vs. S Corps so many times that you could be an expert speaker on MSNBC it’s time to spread the search out to new horizons.
So I pledge that, with the exception of the books I have now, that I will search out new ideas or at least books that look deceptively like they will have new ideas in them. And if there’s ever a book you’d like me to search out please feel free to let me know…I’d love to take some recommendations!
Oh, PS, I got the notice that this domain needs to be renewed soon which means Handmade Brooklyn is a year old. Celebrate!

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