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There is a bit of duality in my personality (though I’m not a Gemini) that I like to call “Megan and ‘Metropolis Megan’.”

The real life Megan is not actually a social person. She’s a little awkward and shy, some times has trouble articulating what she’s trying to convey. She’s become more shy, oddly enough, as the years go on and has trouble looking people in the eye. She has a few close friends, but doesn’t like to go much further than that with her social scene.

Then there is Metropolis Megan. When she needs to be there Metropolis Megan is witty, social, funny, articulate, and calm. She can do TV interviews gracefully, can talk to customers, press, store buyers, and everyone else about her products. Metropolis Megan can go to networking events, parties, any kind of social gathering and fit right in.

Like I said, it’s interesting to me that my “life” personality has become more introverted in order to balance the extrovert that my “business” personality has evolved into. When I was younger, these were definitely more meshed together, but as Metropolis grew and it became apparent I would have to be “on” a lot more often, it seems my personality split into two distinct types to accommodate for it. I can turn “Metropolis Megan” on whenever I need to, but it becomes exhausting having to be so witty and social for long periods of time.

It’s one of the weirder things I think I’ve let out on this blog, but my point is this: In business, there are times when you need to put the nervous, shy, meek person away and put on your superhero cape. Find a way to perfect your business personality, and be ready to turn it on and just go.

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