My Core Memories

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I’m afraid that this won’t be a “teachable moment” kinda post. In fact, this is one of my rare extremely personal posts. I try to not have too many of those because…you know…how does that really help you learn how to make your business better? But maybe there’s a learning moment in here, too: we’re all people with stories, with histories, and with things that drive us.

I’ve mentioned before that my “why” is my husband and the sacrifices he made while my business was just starting out. He took the financial reins for a few years while I built up my dream, and I never want him to have to work that hard again for us. But that’s really only a part of me.

“Megan” is a collection of moments that congealed into creating the person writing this now. And that’s something I want to take a little moment to remember. A thing I want you to remember. Who we are, where we are, what we are…that’s all because of little moments that just pivoted us a teeny tiny bit, and changed the trajectory. You may have not realized it then, and you might not even realize it now, but everything had a snowball effect, and the things you do today will impact you for years to come (which is a good thing to think about if you’re trying to make changes in your life)

Reddit had this thread I saw today on my break that just made me stop and think about my life and the things I’ve kept dear to me that I want to share with you. “What Are Your Core Memories?

If you’ve seen the movie Inside Out, then you’ll know what this is: they were the orbs that were held most sacred to the characters. If you haven’t seen it: A) It’s adorable and B) “Core memories” are the moments in your life that stick with you, that change you, and that had an impact on the person you are now. It’s those moments that are just tattooed on your brain forever.

The core memories are a mixed bag for sure. I’ve got moments that I’d love to forget but that will stay with me forever. But instead of dwelling on those, I thought I’d share the best of my core memories with you, and hope that you’ll share yours, too.

  1. The look my husband gave me when I sat in his chair to flirt with him. It wasn’t the first time we had met, but it was the moment that started everything.
  2. Seeing the two category managers from NYIGF walking down the booth aisle to give me my 1st award. I wasn’t supposed to be at that show, I had taken a spot from someone that had dropped out. I had no idea what was happening, but I remember the smiles on their faces and how excited they were to tell me and hand it over to me.  The assistant had her hands behind her back, holding the box that had my award in it, and I feel like she was sort of skipping, or maybe it was just her excitement that made her seem so joyful.
  3. My Pap pulling out his wallet when I brought home my report card to reward me for my A’s. He was the first strong male influence in my life that was completely positive and proud of me. I was amazed at how amazed he was with me.
  4. The moment we left my biological father. He and I were playing Atari in the tiny bedroom next to mine. Mom called from the first floor “come on, Meg. We’re going to Gram’s” and I was so excited, I left him in the middle of the game. I didn’t realize what “going to Gram’s” actually meant, but boy was that a moment that changed everything.

Now you go, and it doesn’t have to be here. But just take a moment to think about the times in your life that time just stood still, and think about what made those moments count for you. They matter because they got you here, so celebrate them in the comments below, in your journal, or just for 10 minutes in a quiet spot.

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