My eight favorite free resources for blogging

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It can get spendy when it comes to running a small business or blog, especially when there are so many amazing apps and plugins out there. And while it might seem like I’m all about blowing my budget on super cool tweaks for my blogs, I’m also conscious to use as many free resources as I can to make my blog content better.

But far be it for me to hide these from you, especially if you’re looking for some good content like images or customizations for your branding, so here are some free resources I utilize for blogging that I definitely recommend:

My favorite free resources for blogging

Envato monthly freebies

at the beginning of every month, Envato will release a free download from each of their depositories. Some might be better for you than others. (I don’t get their free AfterEffects download since I never use AE.) But I’ll usually pick up the free image and audio file. The website template or plugin is hit or miss as most of the time it’s not WordPress-based.

Deposit photo weekly freebies

If you sign up for their newsletter, Depositphotos sends a weekly update with 4 free files: an image, a vector, a video, and an image for editorial use. They also recently sent out a collection of free files that were COVID-19 related. So it pays to be on their list for when they decide to get super generous.

CreativeMarket weekly freebies

I’ve been a buyer on CreativeMarket for years, but I still appreciate their weekly collection of free downloads. Each week they’ll release 6 free files from their sellers. They mix it up when it comes to different types. But for the most part, there’s at least 1 new font each week. So if you’re a font hoard like me, you’ll get a ton of value out of this.

Death to the Stock Photo

I’m not sure where they’re going with this as it’s become less frequent, but hopefully DTTSP continues to publish free content as they occasionally will send a free collection of unique stock photos. This used to be monthly but now is more sporadic, though the quality of the images makes the wait worthwhile.


Pixabay has a great collection of stock photos that are utilized by a number of apps (like RelayThat and InVideo). But they can also be accessed by anyone. I like searching there for more generic terms like “blogging” or “social media” when I need a simple image that gets the point across.


Unsplash is another free image resource that has more amateur photos than other sites. But these can come in handy when you want to show off a more “authentic” aesthetic instead of polished (and sometimes fake) or if you need lots of content for multiple blogs quickly. 

Plann and Planoly’s weekly newsletters

These aren’t freebies in the way the others are. But I subscribe to both of their free newsletters because they help keep me on top of new Instagram updates and have some really good content and tips that can help up your engagement rates on Instagram and other social media accounts.

Any other ones I need to know about?

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