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So I’ve still been reading, but apparently not able to post book reviews (more on that in the next post). Here’s a quickie recap of books I’ve read and if I think they’re worth your time:

Interesting Reads

“How to Castrate a Bull” by Dave Hitz
Yes, there really is a section on how to castrate a bull. The book is about Hitz’s struggle to create a tech company and his ups and downs as a startup. It’s a good read if for only to get the perspective of someone who started up completely different from us “indies.” It’s easy to get through and Hitz’s sense of humor helps it move along.

Don’t bother/Couldn’t Finish

“Guerilla Marketing Goes Green” not as great as the original, I couldn’t get through it.

“Marketing Kit for Dummies” Totally ineffective if you don’t have the CD…I can’t really say either way whether this is a good tool or not since the library didn’t have the CD with the book. If you’ve used it, leave a comment and let me know.

There were a few others, I will head to my library to see what they were…apparently not that memorable! *ba-dum-ching*

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