Season 3 Episode 11: How Community Helps Get You Further Ahead (+ How to Set Goals for Q4)

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Hello my loves. Megan, here. Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m excited to talk to you. It’s just gonna be me today. I wanted to end goal setting month talking about what I feel is the catapult into getting your goals done faster. And that is drum roll, please. I just felt like it felt like I had to do that. In my heart. The answer is community and finding your community. Now I don’t mean link, find your tribe and those things. I mean, finding people who are like minded that helped move you forward, and the way you could do that is through online communities. I mean, especially now when we’re all stuck at home. And it gets incredibly lonely to be an entrepreneur in this kind of world, doesn’t it? Like even if you work from home with your spouse, like Ideo or you have kids running around or things like that like it’s still a lonely world Because just for me, for example, like Steve and I both work from home. He is a freelance writer, and I my rockin tour, but, you know, it’s he could be sympathetic, but he doesn’t know of the world that I’m in, and so he can only kind of give me an outsider’s joy or commiseration, whereas, with communities of like-minded people, e don’t want to say like it’s richer But do you know what I mean? Like it is just more they get it in a wave that other people who aren’t in this situation cannot. And one thing that I really think that people seem to avoid talking about with community is that you never realize how much collaboration there is until you join one. I think that a lot of people are afraid to join communities or they join a bunch and then they never participate, is kind of lurk because they’re afraid to open up and they’re afraid to seem vulnerable, like these were much. Some of these people in here are my competitors, and I don’t want to see weak in front of these people. And honestly, that’s to your detriment to act that way. Because so let me tell you the inspiration for this, um podcast Episode one I wanted to talk to you about community, but to I’ve had a number of podcast guests. Come on and talk to me both on here and on anything about beige. You know, we just shot the shit a little bit before or after each episode. And repeatedly I have had people say, How can I help you now? And it just kind of blows my mind because one they’re helping me by coming on the podcast and talking to you, but too late, that, uh, that’s so amazing. Don’t you think that just selflessness of people who want to help each other rise up and, you know, they’re not saying it with any sort of quid pro quo or things like that. Like, I can tell you that numerous people on both of these podcasts have said thank you so much for letting me Come on, you know, how can I pay you back like, how can I And I don’t want any payback I ever did. I did this so that I had people come talk to you, but it’s so cool. It’s so interesting to me and makes me feel good. And I love that there’s this world out there of people doing that. And this wouldn’t happen to me if I wasn’t in groups. And if I wasn’t in masterminds. So that’s I wanted to come to talk to you about this day of just like, I understand the fear that some people could have with this of, you know, showing that you’re human. Essentially, you know, you’re trying to be a personality online and influencer a guru, whatever you wanna call it. And you know, you’re supposed to have the answers, right? But I love that today you don’t have to have the answers. That’s far. You’re like, you’re in a better spot if you don’t have the answers because you were dissipating with other people and you’re all trying to figure it out together and run, you know, rising tie it all of that kind of stuff. So I loved I think it’s so cool. And that’s why I really wanted come on today and champion this to you to say you don’t have to do this by yourself, especially any goal you have. You know, you want to start a podcast. You want to start a YouTube channel. You wanna sort of blog. You want to launch a new product. You want to become a coach like you want to do it by yourself. It’s much harder to try and figure it out on your own. Believe me, I was that way for a long time. I did not want to look weak or like I almost want to see useless and that I think I didn’t want to seem, um, vulnerable, I guess. But it’s more than that. So when I decided to officially join groups and it didn’t start officially until very recently, honestly. But thinking back on it now I realize that I’ve always had some sort of a like-minded community about me. You know, if you read my book Day one. You know that in one of the chapters I talk about how when I was living in Brooklyn running a skincare company, money, best friends were my competitors like and I don’t mean that in like a let’s all hold hands kind of way, but like no, but I would go to their house. It would go to their apartments and get drunk with them and hang out on the roofs. And, you know, they would watch my cat like I had this community, have women who were also in the skin kicker home fragrance world that you know, we were in direct competition with each other, sales-wise, but life-wise, they were so cool. And it was so nice to just talk to them about things that only we understood. You know what I mean? Like it just FDA regulations or how to ship a palette of stuff or how to receive a palette of stuff and how to get packaging. And, you know, just it was really cool. And so I guess, like, I’ve always had that in my life. But when I decided recently Teoh get involved in community again, I think I was just in a place where I felt stuck. I felt really just like a handle these ideas. I had all these things I wanted to do. I knew I could do them. You know, I’ve never been short on bullheaded confidence that whatever I want to do, I can. But, um, I felt really overwhelmed, and I started to look outwards through. I mean, I guess the pandemic probably help me with this, unfortunately, but it did it just I started to look around and see, like, what is it that I am lacking? And how can I find that and if turned out of the way I could find that was through community. And so I joined two masterminds and a couple of free Facebook groups. And you see that holding my nose honestly, Because I am not a fan of Facebook. I have some serious ethical issues utilizing it. But, um, I have a coach who told me You got to go to where your people are and if they’re on Facebook, then shut the fuck up and go, go, go on Facebook like you can’t can’t have these ethical things. I mean, you can’t have ethical problems with these things, but get what you need first and then solve that problem when you have what you need. You know, I couldn’t. I hate to say this, but I couldn’t get what I wanted by I and sitting out. Do you know? I mean so I went back on Facebook eyes what it is. It’s the devil, you know, right? And so I joined a couple of Facebook groups, and then I joined 2 paid masterminds. One is $35 a month, and the other is $444 a month. And so let me tell you what each of these things served. So the 444 is 10 women, and it is like a messaging mastermind. It’s not. We do like once a month zoom calls, but it’s mostly just messaging through a nap on the phone, and I find that is best for when I want. Um, he has dedicated support if making it sound like some sort of, I don’t know, like tech support or something. But no, I mean, like, So if I post a question about a problem I’m having in that mastermind, I can expect out of 10 women, probably 67 answers. So when I really need something to be like, Answered answered, that’s when I reach out to them. And what I have found with the more expensive mastermind is that since it’s smaller, we have more opportunities to collaborate together in a I told you so. Just I’ll give you the example is that, Ah, once a week we have in engagement bomb where each of us, like one is queen for a week, basically, and we all go and support them on their social media channels. Or if there’s a particular lunch they have or something, then that’s what we all go and support, and it’s not. It’s not like these engagement pods or something like that. It’s just about making sure that each of us is getting built up and working together to make sure that we’re all better and again. I know engagement pots do that, too, but what I mean, is just more of a, uh, not like a tit for tat kind of thing, but more just like it’s more get something more wholesome or so I don’t know. So that’s what I feel is the benefit of the more expensive mastermind. Now the $ 35-month mastermind is very good for sourcing, and what I mean by that is sourcing recommendations of professionals in that world. Now, when I post something there, I don’t really have any expectations on it. Getting responses like I expect there will be some responses. But, you know, in terms of the $444 mastermind, you know, I expect a 70% response rate were 35 on I expect maybe. Oh, I don’t know, three responses, and that’s in a community of like, 1500 women. So what I find that it is good for instead is for when I need some people to collaborate with. So if any podcast guests or I’m looking for a recommendation on, you know, ads manager nap or something that then that’s when I go to that group and I have found that it is worth it to pay that, as opposed to just being in a free Facebook group, because these are women with whom I have like they’re serious about it, and I don’t mean that people in free Facebook groups aren’t serious about it. But more like they’re putting their money where their mouth is, right? Like they’re saying, I understand that me putting in this $35 a month into this pool, which gives me access to other women who are saying I understand it’s important to So that’s what that’s about Now the free Facebook groups I find are really good for outside perspective, and I don’t mean that in like a and getting, ah, feedback from a race car driver and a florist And you know, like, no, it’s still a community of entrepreneurs, but it’s different perspectives, and it’s more different stages in the game, which I find is incredibly refreshing. Like I, you know, I got held on my now on 36 and I the older I get, the more I realized that I am ageing and you know, I don’t know new music anymore. I don’t know. You know the new vernacular I don’t know a lot of Gen Z stuff, but I do get to get those perspectives in free Facebook groups because it’s just catering to more people. And it’s true that some of them are very serious, and some of them aren’t. You know you don’t get the level of participation. You do quite a smudges when you got some skin in the game and you’re paying for it. But I find that the, uh, the ability to get more market research, I guess, for lack of a better freeze is really valuable. And so that’s why I do A That’s why I’m in all three levels of this in addition to one on one coaching I have. But I feel like each of them serves their own purpose and to nuts, be in a group into trying to this on your own is just don’t you don’t win any prizes for being the busiest person, you know what I mean. So I don’t I recommend you do see your own, definitely think should try and figure out how a community can help you reach your goals. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find someone out there that can help you with that. Which leads me into my face. The group that I started And I see that fully knowing that I just told you how much I hate Facebook. The ends justify the means. That’s what I keep telling myself. And I was against it for a really long time. I really was. But like my coach said, like, you got to go to where your people are. So that said, Let’s talk about the goals that you have accomplished so far. Look, we’re going into September September, you guys we’re about we’re going to start Q four in October and That means that we have to start strategizing, right? Because Q four, for the most part, I mean, you know, it used to be the most profitable for so many businesses. But who the hell knows what Q four is gonna look like for any of us? And that’s why I think community is super important right now, because this is the most uncertain time that I’ve ever been in, and I’m sure that you’ve been feeling that as well. So we’ll need each other more than ever. Right now, when you’re setting up your goals for Q four, I want you to look back on everything you’ve accomplished. And hopefully you’ve been recording everything you’ve accomplished. And that’s why I made book of Awesome so you could do that. But even if you just been putting it in a notebook of all the cool shit that’s happened to you or all of the small windy, all the big ones you’ve had, like everything that you’ve done, I want you to take a day the whole day because it’s gonna be September. So you’ve done a lot of shit this year and reflect on every good thing that has happened to you in just if you haven’t done it yet. Just sit down and brainstorm all the cool things. Just think about January and go through your planner If you have to win, just Oh, my God, I forgot about about and that’s so cool. And just see all of the momentum you have created this year. This year has been a ton of turmoil. So don’t feel like you haven’t accomplished anything or that you haven’t accomplished enough. You being here right now, healthy, alive with your faculties. I mean, yeah, you are so far ahead and should be celebrating that. So I want you to take some time this week before September starts and think about how much you’ve accomplished in such a chaotic world and how amazing you are to have accomplished all of those things. Dude, this is not an easy time. So any little thing that you have done that has moved you forward is so amazing. It’s incredible, and you need to recognize and celebrate it. And then once you do all that, I expect you should have at least you know, if you want to be a good student, I expect you to have it least a full page in a notebook full of cool shit you’ve done. Once you’ve done that, I want you to kind of loosely grouped them together and see like, OK, what have I done on my business? And what have I done in my personal life? What if I turn in my relationships and just kind of loosely grouped them together? It doesn’t have to even be those categories. Just if you see a pattern, start recognizing the pattern and then cattle you have and then use those as a springboard for Q4. So let’s say you’ve noticed that you have been posting consistently. You have had a consistent Instagram posting schedule for the past four months, and that’s amazing. And can you believe that? Silk. Cool. So now that you have that, now that you have four months of a consistent posting schedule, you have a good, solid data on your Instagram analytics. So you’re gonna use all of that to catapult you getting some sponsored posts in Q4. Or let’s say you have been posting regularly consistently in your blog or let me let me break it out into something else. Let’s say that you had a block post that is far in the way your golden child right now like it is bringing the most traffic. It is getting a lot of comments like Just it is the out liar and all of your posts. And it was so cool when you saw that all of these people were loving this post and sharing it. And that’s amazing. And that’s an accomplishment. I noticed that now. So now on cue for your concrete, more content of that topic you’re going to utilize Q4 to springboard yourself into that niche that has been so well for you. Or let’s say you have you launched a new product this year at So cool. It’s amazing, cannot believe that everyone loves it so much has become a bestseller. So you’re going to create a gift set that includes that product to help get people more involved in your entire product line or a bundle. If you’re you know, it’s not like a so for something like that, we create a bundle that includes the best seller to help diversify the outreach your products have, or let’s say you have a service your coach and you signed your first client. You signed them in Q1, and they stuck around for three months and it was so cool you’re going to utilize them to get some testimonials for Q4 so that you can launch a new coaching program or it doesn’t have to be a new coaching program. It could be your coaching program, but you’re going to do a campaig n around it. In Q4, you’re going to utilize those testimonials to help get you new clients to see what I mean. You’re going, whatever your product service line is, whatever business you’re in, you have accomplished so much in these eight months that if you take the time to recognize it and to extrapolate the successes that you’ve had, you were going to have a lot of clarity for Q4.

And so that’s what I want for you this week. Figure out what you’ve done. What’s been amazing. Look for a pattern, utilize that pattern to springboard yourself into success in a crazy, crazy fourth quarter, and you could do that and let me know a little about it in the Facebook group We’ll put in the show notes too.

In the meantime, I’m gonna let you go because you got a lot of work to do, don’t you? You have a lot of homework to do, but it’s all for the good. And I know you’re going to do it because you are awesome. I will talk to you guys next week in September.

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